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Sorinex Base Camp Rack

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Pull-Up Bar


Laser-Cut Hole Numbers


Westside Hole Spacing


Hardware Size


Steel Notes

3x3" 11-Gauge Steel









Made In USA


Item Description

Sorinex Base Camp was designed out of necessity. In the early, 2000’s, many coaches wanted customized racks; a band peg here, a storage horn there. Some wanted bumpers only, some wanted 35lb plates, and some wanted none. Keeping up with all of it was a nightmare, especially if there was a change in coaches, philosophies, or even of new plates were bought. Base Camp became the easy and obvious decision for coaches who could not decide between full power racks and double half racks, because Base Camp gave them both, with an option to change or add more later. The Sorinex Base Camp gave safety to step ups and Bulgarian squats by bringing the athlete inside the rack and allowing them to switch their feet unloaded and have a place to crash. Base Camp also allowed more people than ever to train at one station which also increased the carrying capacity of the facility. The configurations and adjustments were endless and obsolescence was eliminated. The new 4-Way Hole Design allowed bars, brackets, and add-ons to be secured in any direction front to back or side to side; Base Camp is limited only by lack of creativity. The holes confused some, but because of the 4-Hole Design, there was built in room for change. Thus, a new proven concept; room for constant growth, change, and efficient training time use was created and forever changed the strength training equipment world.

First 4-Way Hole Design
Numbered Holes
3″ x 3″ Welded Rack Sides
11 Gauge Steel
1″ Bolt Fasteners
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Merchant Logo $3,759.00

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Sorinex Base Camp Rack


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