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When Garage Gym Reviews started in 2014, it was just Coop, his home gym, and the equipment he liked to use. Coop had a passion for fitness and made it his mission to help other people find the right tools for their own home gyms.

“We are nearing a decade since we started GGR,” Coop says. He has moved his garage gym to four different houses. The website has gone through multiple iterations.

Needless to day, things look a little different now than they did in 2014: GGR has built up a team of fitness gurus and industry experts dedicated to writing reviews, sharing insights on social media, and strategically finding ways to make sure you, the consumer, get the information you need about the products you like.

However, there is one thing that remains the same, and it is something we have been committed to since Day One: We are the most trusted voice in exercise equipment reviews.

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