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4.7 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings
Based on 10 Ratings

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The REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench is the best adjustable bench, period. Commercial grade paint, steel, vinyl, and padding is combined with rock solid stability.

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Pros & Cons

What we like about the product...

  1. The AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench from Rep Fitness is one of the most creative and best value "higher-end" FID benches on the market.
  2. Utilizing a patented slide system, Rep has made it so the gap between the seat pad and back pad which is notorious in adjustable benches is virtually eliminated at all angles.
  3. The height of the AB-5000 ZERO GAP is 17.5" from the floor to the top of the pad, which is one of the lowest heights available for an adjustable bench.
  4. The vinyl is the same as what's found on Rep's FB-5000 which is our Top Pick for the best flat bench for most people as of this writing. This is a change since our first review where we asked Rep to improve it.
  5. 11-gauge steel is used throughout the welded frame which makes for an extremely sturdy pressing platform.
  6. There are 7 back pad adjustments and 4 seat adjustments that all include laser-cut degree markings on a stainless steel wear guard. This is uncommonly well done for this price of weight bench.
  7. The front handle is coated in urethane for grip and wear and there are wheels in the back for ease of moving around.
  8. Although not a designed feature, the AB-5000 stands up just fine to save space when not in use.
  9. 1,000 LB+ benchers can rejoice because this will hold any weight you can put on the barbell.
  10. Assembly was very simple with only a few basic bolt-on parts. Most of the bench is welded or comes pre-assembled.
  11. This Olympic bench can decline to make it an FID bench if you buy the optional leg roller attachment making it great for both decline bench and ab movements like decline sit-ups.

What needs improvement...

  1. The bench is heavy, which may be annoying for some to move around.
  2. There are a lot of moving parts making the bench more likely to have problems (although after using it and reviewing it over the past year, it still performs like it did on day one.)
  3. At over $500 with shipping, although still a good value, it's not a "cheap" bench.

Product Summary & Specs

The REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench is the best adjustable bench, period. Commercial grade paint, steel, vinyl, and padding is combined with rock solid stability. Our flagship adjustable bench incorporates a unique patent-pending adjustment mechanism for zero pad gap in all positions. The seat is able to slide along the frame and completely eliminate the traditional annoying seat gap found on virtually all competing products.

  • 11 gauge steel frame with a 1,000 lb capacity
  • 7 back pad adjustments and 4 seat pad adjustments with laser cut degree markings on a stainless steel wear guard
  • 17.5″ to top of pad in flat position. Footprint is 21″ x 57″
  • 12″ Back Pad Width
  • Unique pop-pin and bearing system adjustment for zero gap between seat and back pad. Adjusts in 1 second
  • Urethane grip handle and wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Simple 20 minute assembly with a wrench and allen key (provided). 4 bolts attaching the base to frame, and 10 bolts attaching pads to frame.
  • Everything else is pre-assembled
Made In USA






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1,000 LB

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Rep AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
10 ratings
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    10 reviews for Rep AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench

    The Bottom Line

    The Rep Fitness AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench is one of the best value FID benches we've ever reviewed. There are a ton of unique features like the patented ZERO GAP seat design, grippy vinyl, and the ability to do decline movements. Although we prefer the Rep AB-5200, it's not by a significant amount. This is a great bench and one we recommend to our readers who like the ability to close the bench gap and can afford the price point.

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