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Here’s your homework assignment: Count how many food commercials you are shown in a 30-minute TV segment. And how many commercials focused on fruits and vegetables? 

Research1 tells us that exposure to media correlates directly with our eating patterns. In this digital day and age, it can be difficult to get away from the next quick fix. With three out of every four adults reporting insufficient fruit and veggie intake2, you may start to wonder about greens powders

Eating a well-balanced diet with a variety of whole foods is recommended and encouraged to support your overall health. However, if you do decide that you need to turn to supplements, we have you covered. 

In this Vitamineral Green review, we will investigate the product’s solubility, taste, price, and formulation of unique ingredients. This review of the greens powder created by HealthForce Superfoods can help you determine if this supplement may optimize your health. Is this powder a force to be reckoned with? Let’s find out.  

Medical disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. For health advice, contact a licensed healthcare provider. GGR also recommends choosing a product that has been third-party tested for quality.

When Choosing Products, Be Intentional—Just Ask Us, the Professionals

The GGR team is made up of registered dietitians, certified personal trainers, CrossFit-L1 trainers, and certified nutrition coaches. Those fancy letters behind our names mean that we are extra dedicated to nutrition and fitness and want to share our expertise with you. But they also mean we don’t hold back what we find out during our product reviews. We try everything we review so that you don’t have to. We are here to help you choose a product that best fits your lifestyle!

Vitamineral Green

HealthForce SuperFoods Vitamineral Green

GGR Score: 4.6 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Green superfood powder 
  • Combines foods such as horsetail, barley grass juice, and a variety of sea veggies 
  • Claims to aid digestion and provide nutrients for the thyroid 

Pros & Cons


  • Available in 20 g trial size
  • Subscribe and save 10%
  • Certified organic, GMO-free, certified vegan
  • Made in the United States with cGMP certified manufacturing standards
  • No added flavors, sweeteners, fillers, binders
  • Positive customer reviews


  • Only available in ginger flavor
  • Limited customer reviews

Bottom Line

HealthForce SuperFoods Vitamineral Greens is a certified vegan greens powder supplement. This produce doesn’t contain filler or added sweeteners or flavors. HealthForce claims this product helps with digestion and provides necessary nutrients for your thyroid. There are not many reviews of this product but most of them are positive.

A Quick Look at HealthForce Superfoods’ Vitamineral Green

This wholefood botanical company sprouted in 1990 from the efforts of husband and wife duo Kim and Dr. Jameth Sheridan. With the intent to create a vegan and organic product, these two transformed their idea into a company that has been thriving for decades. Holistic, naturopath doctor Jameth Sheridan was the CEO and was very involved with the company until his passing in 2016. Their new CEO is Mark Hammond and HealthForce SuperFoods continues to be independently owned and operated. 

Before You Buy

  • You can qualify for free shipping with orders that are $75 or more 
  • If you subscribe to receive scheduled shipments, you can receive an additional 10% off your order

Is Vitamineral Green Worth It?

Vitamineral Green combines an impressive 22 superfoods into a complex that you can take in either powder or VeganCaps capsule form. HealthForce prides itself on delivering quality products. The ingredients for their green superfood complex powder in particular is certified vegan and lab-tested with third-party-verified procurement sources. The ingredients that they carefully select may help with supporting your digestive health and are combined without the help of artificial flavors, sweeteners, binders, or fillers.

Vitamineral Greens 6

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Keep in mind, though, that greens powders should not be a substitute for incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet. So, before you jump into buying this product, let’s take a quick look at who this supplement would be best for:

Great for:

  • Those who want or need a gluten-free and kosher certified product
  • People looking for a product made in an FDA registered facility 
  • Those who seek an eco-friendly product—all HealthForce supplements are packaged in recyclable amber glass bottles for sustainability

Not recommended for:

  • Those looking to replace fruits and veggies with a supplement
  • People who have an iodine allergy or sensitivity 
  • Those who may be on a prescription medication that could lead to an adverse reaction
  • People seeking a high-fiber supplement

Vitamineral Green Specs

Price $49.95 (for 300 grams)
Price per serving$1.08
Flavor No flavor options
VitaminsA, C, K, E, B12, B1, B2
MineralsPhosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium
Whole food-sourced nutrientsNettle Leaf, Carob Pod, Alfalfa Leaf, Barley Grass Leaf, Wheat Grass Leaf, Horsetail Aerial, Parsley Leaf, Ginger Root, Barley Grass Leaf Juice, Basil Leaf, Oat Grass Leaf Juice, Dandelion Leaf, Moringa Leaf, Amla Berry Fruit, Holy Basil Leaf, Chickweed Leaf, Spirulina, Chlorella, Kelp Leaf, Dulse Leaf, Nori Leaf
Digestive enzymesProtease, Alpha-galactosidase, Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase, Bromelain, Papain 
AdaptogensNettle Leaf, Alfalfa Leaf, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Parsley Leaf, Ginger Root, Basil Leaf, Amla Berry, Spirulina, Chlorella, Kelp Leaf, Nori Leaf
Return policyYou have 90 days after the purchase date to return any product that is unexpired
Third-party tested?Yes. NSF International and ANSI cGMP certified manufacturing standards 

Experience Using Vitamineral Green 

Vitamineral Green uses whole, green food sources that are accredited through lab testing to be free of GMOs, bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides. With the goal of delivering a greens blend-focused product, you won’t find grains, legumes, seeds, chia, flax, or bulking fibers in the Vitamineral Green supplement. Instead, they focus on unusual, nutrient-dense foods. 

Our tester, GGR editor Frieda Johnson, made note of the ingredient list while she was testing it out. “I like that almost all of the ingredients are organic and it comes in a glass bottle for sustainability,” she said. “It includes some unusual ingredients, like nettle, holy basil, and dandelion leaf, that are known to be highly nutritious and have been used historically, but that you don’t see in many things nowadays. I’m curious to see if I experience any benefits that differ from a typical greens powder as I continue to take this.”

Vitamineral Greens 2

Price Per Serving

If you are interested in a trial run, Vitamineral Green has you covered. For $5.95 you can get a 20-gram bottle. At 6.5 grams per tablespoon serving, you’re looking at $1.94 a serving, but you’ll get about a week’s worth of powder in your tester bottle if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

If you are ready to dive in, you can get 150 grams for $28.95 or $1.25 a serving. For about $20 more, you can get double that amount at $1.08 a serving. If you are really interested in buying in bulk, you can get 76 servings or 500 grams for $69.95. This option is the cheapest at only $0.91 per serving. 

Amazon prices don’t differ from HealthForce Superfoods. However, we do recommend buying this product from Amazon if you want to save money on shipping costs. 


Vitamineral Green goes through several purity tests to ensure that the ingredients utilized are as pure as they promise them to be. Through their “TruGanic Sourcing” process, all ingredients are third-party tested, free of toxic chemical solvents, and analyzed to ensure they are using the best greens possible. These standards, as well as their four professional certifications, put this supplement ahead of the game. But what is actually in this low carbohydrate greens powder? 

When reviewing the supplement facts, we are happy to report that the proprietary blend amount matches the serving size. Keep in mind that this dietary supplement does not promote itself to replace a daily multivitamin, and the specifics of each vitamin and mineral provided per scoop are not defined. That does not mean, however, that the benefits gained from this supplement are without definition. The ingredients list is divided into four groups: From the Land, From the Water, From the Oceans, and VMG Enzyme Catalysts.

Vitamineral Greens 4

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From the Land offers 3,621 milligrams of its blend from 16 sources. An ingredient that stands out is amla berry fruit. Clinical studies3 have revealed that the phytochemicals present in this fruit may help to protect your heart, prevent high cholesterol levels, participate in wound healing, and support your gut health. It also works as a preventative measure against cancer by decreasing inflammation and decreasing genetic mutations.  

From the Water offers 2,440 milligrams of its blend from two sources. One that has received a lot of attention is spirulina. Spirulina4 has been looked at carefully for its bioactive properties. These health benefits include possible prevention of tumor growth, cardiovascular protection, and boosting the immune system through vitamin C. 

From the Oceans offers 384 milligrams of its blend from three sources. While each ingredient is unusual, dulse leaf is backed by research5. This spectacular red algae is protein dense and has a low fat content. Although it has a low lipid profile, it has a high amount of eicosapentaenoic acid—aka EPA. EPA is an omega-3 fatty acid known for its heart protective and antioxidant functions.  

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Lastly, 55 milligrams of this supplement comes from seven enzyme catalysts that may help support your gut health. Supplementation with alpha-galactosidase enzyme concentrate has been linked to6 reducing intestinal discomfort caused by gas, cramps, and bloating. This enzyme is particularly good at helping us digest complex food molecules and therefore prevent issues such as constipation. It also does a fantastic job at protecting our digestive tract from infection and disease. 

Taste and Solubility 

Feedback from Vitamineral Green users are overwhelmingly positive with regard to taste and mixability. This is impressive, considering that there are no artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, or flavor options for this supplement.

Vitamineral Greens 3

Agreeing with the positive reviews is our very own GGR editor Frieda Johnson. She says, “I was pleasantly surprised by how mild the taste is. It tastes somewhat herbal—kinda like a minty basil?—on its own but is not offensive at all.” She was also pleased with the solubility of this product and mentioned that she “had no trouble sipping on this just mixed with water, but it blends well into juice without changing the flavor much at all.” 

Side Effects

Frieda commented, “I haven’t had any issues, but I’m not up to the full dose yet. A dose is 1 tablespoon, but the directions say to start with 1 teaspoon and work your way up to the full dose over two weeks to avoid an ‘undesirable cleansing reaction.'” This is in reference to the possibility of experiencing digestive discomfort such as bloating or loose bowel movements. Your gut health is important, so be sure to take this supplement slowly as recommended. 

Be sure to consult your physician before starting a new supplement. For example, intake of too much calcium, potassium, and phosphorus can be damaging to those with chronic kidney disease⁷. Excessive iron⁸ intake can lead to liver damage and vitamin K⁹ interacts with blood thinners. This supplement might be perfect for you, but please ask your doctor just to be sure.  

Third-Party Testing 

Vitamineral Green is both produced in the U.S. and in a facility registered by the FDA. According to their website, their production standards are recognized as NSF International and ANSI cGMP certified. This is important to consider when choosing supplements since they are not regulated by the FDA. Having third-party testing lends credit to the product quality and integrity. 

Comparison to Athletic Greens AG1 

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens AG1

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Contains 75 minerals and nutrients in one serving
  • Available in travel pouches and bundle and save options
  • Said to support gut health with prebiotics, probiotics, and naturally occuring enzymes
  • Supports immunity with key ingredients like vitamin C and mushrooms
  • Magnesium is added to boost energy
  • May aid in recovery as it features superfood complex with adaptogens and antioxidants

Pros & Cons


  • Backed by notable health experts
  • Transparent and detailed ingredient list
  • 75 vitamins and minerals


  • Expensive
  • Some reviewers dislike the taste

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a greens powder with a unique blend of minerals, nutrients, power greens, enzymes, and probiotics and you're willing to spend some money, Athletic Greens may be a good choice for you.

Athletic Greens AG1 made our list of the best greens powders, so let’s see how Vitamineral Green stacks up.

AG1 has an extensive nutrient breakdown of how much of each vitamin and mineral it offers per scoop, while Vitamineral Green doesn’t offer this breakdown. Although both supplements contain a complex of digestive enzymes, Athletic Greens has a probiotic mix that Vitamineral Green does not. Athletic Greens is $3.30 per serving of 12 grams, while Vitamineral Green is only $0.90 per serving of 6.5 grams. 

Neither of these supplements come in designated flavor options. According to GGR Senior Editor Nicole Davis, the Athletic Greens supplement is sweet-tasting. Most reviews for Vitamineral Green report the taste as mild mint. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Athletic Greens, check out our full Athletic Greens review for more info.

Customer Experience 

Through their customer satisfaction guarantee, you qualify for a refund up to 90 days after making your purchase. Your product has to be both unexpired and undamaged. If your product arrived broken or leaking, you are guaranteed a free replacement. The HealthForce Superfoods website has several ways to contact their customer service department: by telephone, by email, or by their virtual chat box. 

Ordering Vitamineral Green

To order Vitamineral Green, you’ll be prompted to choose either capsule or powder form and then your preferred quantity. Shipping rates for HealthForce Superfoods products will vary based on where you live and how quickly you want your product to arrive via UPS. 

We’re not going to lie—shipping can get expensive when ordering off of their website. Ground shipping will cost you just over $20 and Next Day Air is a whopping $160. However, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can cut costs through free shipping by ordering through that platform instead. 

After completing your shipping info, you’ll want to proceed to checkout where you’ll be prompted for payment. You can pay with your credit card, PayPal account, or set up four interest-free payments through Afterpay. 

Customer Reviews

Despite the low number of reviews on their website, Vitamineral Green has a fantastic track record for 5 stars. They hold a solid 5 out of 5 stars from 61 reviews. Their ratings on Amazon are just as positive. They hold a 4.8 out of 5 stars with 956 ratings at the time of this writing. 

Many of the reviews on both Amazon and their website praise this product’s taste, mixability, and price per serving. You’ll also find that many of these reviews rave about improved energy levels and gut function, as well.

A positive review of the Vitamineral Green 1
A positive review of the Vitamineral Green 2

Final Verdict of Our Vitamineral Green Review

If you Google “greens powder benefits”, you’ll get an overwhelming 36 million results. This speaks to how popular green powders have gotten. Since we’re in the business of doing fact-checked and honest reviews, let’s briefly look at some final takeaways about Vitamineral Green powder: 

  • The amount of each ingredient is provided on the label. However, the amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals received per scoop is not. 
  • This supplement is made in an FDA-regulated facility that holds many certifications and participates in third-party testing. 
  • It is made from a variety of actual greens—no fillers, no fluff.  
  • If you’re looking for a greens powder to supplement your fruit and vegetable intake, Vitamineral Green provides some unique micronutrients that I as a dietitian find interesting.

Vitamineral Green Rating

Vitamineral Green

Is this unusual greens blend as good as it's claimed to be? Find out with our Vitamineral Green review.

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 50

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

Vitamineral Green

Price Per Serving – 4
Formulation – 5
Taste – 5
Solubility – 5
Side Effects – 4
Third-Party Testing – 5
Customer Service – 4
Customer Reviews – 5
Check Price

Vitamineral Green Review FAQs

Is Vitamineral Green good for you?

This powder does a great job of offering a green superfood complex that is unique and not common in the American diet. The whole food ingredients used offer a plethora of health benefits. However, supplementation is very individualized and you should consult your doctor before starting one to make sure it’s right for you.

Is there lead in Vitamineral Green?

This product was tested, analyzed, and approved by Excelsior Alchemy for purity. Vitamineral Green does not contain a heavy amount of lead and has been deemed safe to consume in that regard. 

Does Vitamineral Green have probiotics?

According to the ingredient label, it does not contain probiotics

How do you take Vitamineral Green?

To avoid gut health disruption, the manufacturer recommends starting off at a teaspoon of this green powder daily. The goal is to work up to a full tablespoon over a two-week period

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.


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