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Power Racks

Rep PR-5000 Power Rack V2

Rep Fitness

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check 12 reasons to buy
  • The Rep PR-5000 Power Rack V2 is Rep Fitness answer to the Rogue Monster and Sorinex XL Series Racks.
  • Despite the racks being imported, the quality and features are on a similar level as the USA made competition.
  • Due to the racks being imported, the prices are overall cheaper.
  • The racks use 1” hardware throughout the rack that look incredibly beefy and allow for a variety of attachments.
  • There’s a seemingly endless amount of accessories and add-ons for the rack that can be purchased on-page, which is a great feature for easy checkout.
  • Coming in a variety of colors, there’s a look that will suit anyone’s taste, including stainless steel. If you want a rack that won’t corrode, get stainless.
  • The arch logo stands out and adds a great look to a premium rack.
  • The width of the rack is 47” outside upright to outside upright. This makes racking the bar easier and is one reason people love Sorinex and don’t like Rogue’s Monster series.
  • There are strap safeties, flip-down safeties, and more available for the rack as well as over 5 different pull-up bar options.
  • There is optional weight storage available for the back.
  • The rack has an optional lat pulldown attachment that is reasonably priced as well as a future innovative belt squat option that we think will be rather popular.
  • If you want to never have to upgrade a rack again, this is an awesome option at a better price than the competitors.
  • close 2 reasons not to buy
  • Despite all of the great features and options, the rack is imported. We haven’t noticed much of a drop in quality between Rep and Rogue lately, but it is something to be wary of if you want made in the USA equipment.
  • Although cheaper than competitors, it’s still an expensive rack for what will essentially hold the same amount of weight as racks much less. Something to consider if you’re just looking for functionality.
  • reorder Summary
    The new Rep PR-5000 Power Rack V2 is one of the best value, high-end squat racks that we’ve reviewed. It features many of the same characteristics of racks like the Rogue Monster Series and Sorinex XL Series, but at a bit of a discount. Buying a rack at this level should take a lot of thought and consideration as it should be the last rack you’ll ever have to buy. We’ll hold off on suggesting one or the other until we have them all in-house to compare, but we are very impressed by the first look and features and foresee many trainees having this in their garage gyms soon.

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    More about Rep PR-5000 Power Rack V2

    Video Review

    Written Review

    Rep Fitness has completely come up from behind as a fitness equipment company selling racks, bars, and accessories for CrossFit Boxes to being an extremely popular and well-respected name in the garage gym space. 2019, in many ways, has been a coming-out year for Rep, and the PR-5000 V2 is their magnum opus.

    It’s Built Like a Tank with Infinite Expandability

    There’s a lot to like about the PR-5000, but by and large, the best feature is the materials chosen.

    The PR-5000 uses 3-inch by 3-inch uprights and crossmembers that are 11-gauge steel which is approximately ⅛” thick steel tubing. This gauge of steel has pretty much become the standard for squat racks today and can be seen on nearly every rack (worth recommending) on the market. Although 7-gauge is a thicker steel that was initially displayed on some of the earlier Ferrari’s of racks, it’s truly overkill.

    In order to make the rack infinitely expandable and have the ability for trainees to customize nearly every part, Rep has made the smart decision (in our opinion) to laser cut 1” holes from top to bottom, on every side of the upright, 2” on center. It appears by strength history lore that Sorinex was the first to offer a 4-way hole design, however, it’s since become the go-to and is ideal (even better than 7-gauge racking seen on companies like Legend Fitness and Hammer Strength.)

    The reason we like a 4-way hole design so much is that it allows the user to decide how to configure. There are many racks on the market today with great designs, but because they use two different hole sizes (say 1” holes for the squat area and ⅝” holes for the attachment and crossmember area,) it becomes very difficult for the user to build the rack however they’d like. I don’t know about you, but if I’m spending nearly two grand on a squat rack, I want to make it how I’d like and have the ability to change it as my needs and goals change (which by the way happens often for me. I change the layout of my garage gym nearly once a month.)

    If you’re a commercial gym owner or are looking to add new racks to your University, a 4-way hole design like what the PR-5000 V2 has will allow you to string racks together, put racks back to back, and make racks with 20 posts if you want. The options are only limited to your imagination and bank account.

    In order to attach all of the crossmembers, uprights, pull-up bars, and other attachments, Rep uses oversized, absolutely beefy 1” hardware. One-inch bolts and nuts are massive and completely unnecessary, but they look awesome. Using ⅝” hardware like what’s seen on the Rep PR-4000 Rack Series or Rogue Monster Lite Series works well, but it doesn’t look nearly as good as 1” hardware. Honestly, putting ⅝” hardware on a 3”x3” tube is like throwing slim tires on a Ford F-350 Truck; it just looks out of place.

    Rep Fitness Thought Through the Details

    Just so we’re clear in case this is your first time to Garage Gym Reviews, I really like details. I like knowing that a company put extra thought into various aspects of their products. Simply making a product and slapping a logo on it is fine for a basic, cheap piece of equipment. But if you’re going to charge what the Rep Rack costs (especially for an imported product) then you better believe I (and most of the market) expect well-engineered and well-designed features.e text

    First off is laser-cut numbers. I like laser-cut numbers on every hole as much as the next guy, but more numbers mean increased manufacturing costs which then, in turn, means a higher cost to the customer. Although the PR-5000 V2 is an expensive power rack, it’s still somewhat budget-friendly in comparison to some of the competition. Rep, in an effort I would assume to save costs, has added laser-cut numbers in the areas most used. Meaning, they have numbers for 1-30 on the front and back of the uprights as well as on the inside and outside of the bottom and top cross members (I’m really glad they added numbers on the cross members, by the way.)

    Laser-cut numbers make it easy to switch your j-cups and barbell when going from squatting to bench pressing as well as when you’re adding attachments. They prevent the rack from having chalk and tape that is often used by home gym owners to identify where they bench and squat.

    In addition to the numbers, Rep Fitness hasn’t used any stickers on the PR-5000 V2, at all. I’ve been rather vocal about companies using stickers on expensive pieces of equipment and it’s nice to see that Rep has listened. To replace the stickers Rep has laser-cut their logo (tastefully) on their arch logo, j-cups, safety bars, uprights, and other places. They didn’t make the logos gaudy or put them everywhere, just in enough places that you know who made it and can be proud of it.

    In addition to the details of the rack, there is a wide array of options to choose from. There are many powder coat colors including:

    • Black
    • Metallic Black
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Clear Coat
    • Stainless Steel (which uses Tig Welds)

    In addition to the colors, there are height options including:

    • 80” (great for basement gyms or those with short ceilings)
    • 93”
    • 100”

    There are also depth options including 30” which makes a big, yet somewhat compact rack and 41” for those that like a lot of space to work with when doing box squats, plyometrics in the rack, or other strength training movements.

    Even the welds on the racks are better than we expected. Although they’re not quite as good as Rogue or Sorinex, Rep is using robot tube welders that apply rather clean lines with little overspray. This is done throughout the rack and extends to many of the accessories.

    Lastly, the PR-5000 is 47” from in width. 47” is preferred by most as it allows for easier re-racking of an Olympic barbell. This has never been a huge deal for me, but to many, it’s very important. Rogue is known for having 49” which has caused quite an annoyance to some, so I would say 47” was a good choice by Rep (although that means many of Rogue’s pull-up bars won’t work on Rep, and vice versa.)

    It’s obvious that the rack has had a ton of thought put into it, and one only needs to do one workout on it to realize.

    The PR-5000 V2 Rack Has A Full Line of Accessories With Competitor Compatibility

    If a company comes out with a squat rack without committing to having a full line of compatible attachments, they’re going to have a hard time gaining wide acceptance. We’ve seen this with the Titan TITAN Series Rack that for all intents and purposes is very similar to the Rep PR-5000 V2, however, they have few options and even fewer accessories.

    Rep decided to come out with an entire line of accessories for the PR-5000 Series which has been done in a similar fashion on their PR-4000 series (another great rack we recommend.)

    The list of current accessories available for the rack plus ones announced (as of this writing) is as follows:

    • Weight Storage
    • 1.25” Pull-Up Bar
    • 2” Pull-Up Bar
    • Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
    • Globe Pull-Up Bar
    • Pin-Pipe Safeties
    • Flip-Down Safeties
    • Strap Safeties
    • Standard J-Cups
    • Both Flat and Rounded Sandwich J-Cups
    • 1” Spacing Package Sandwich J-Cups (designed to give a similar ability as Westside Hole Spacing, but on a 2” on center hole rack)
    • Spotter Arms
    • Front Foot Extensions
    • Dip Horns
    • Landmine Attachment
    • Barbell Holder
    • Barbell Hanger
    • Leg Rollers
    • Utility Horns
    • Lat Pulldown/Low Row Attachment
    • Band Pegs
    • Belt Squat
    • Iso Arms (essentially adjustable jammer arms)

    And this is just the announced list, there’s still likely many more that will come down the pipeline as Rep expands.

    This is one of the benefits to a rack with holes throughout and why we recommend them to home gym owners. Buying a rack that is limited on holes and therefore limited on accessories is a big mistake. So is buying a rack with unusual sizing. For instance, Rep Fitness used to sell racks that were in between 2” and 3” in width. This prevented people from adding the accessories they wanted.

    In addition to all of Rep’s accessories being compatible, so are those from Rogue Fitness, Sorinex Exercise Equipment, and Titan Fitness that are made for 3”x3” uprights with 1” hole sizing. This means, if you don’t like Rep’s accessories, but like the price and quality of their rack, then you can add the attachments from Sorinex and Rogue later on. We’ll talk about this more in-depth in a bit, but the quality of Rogue and Sorinex’s attachments are better, so combining the two is a good idea. I plan to use accessories from all sorts of the companies on the rack and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be allowed to.

    The Rep PR-5000 Power Rack V2 is our top of the line power rack system and allows for virtually limitless configurations and attachment setups. Featuring 3x3" 11-gauge steel with oversize 1" diameter hardware, this is the type of rack found in universities, professional athletic facilities, and commercial gyms that are serious about strength training. In a home gym, it's all you'll ever need.

    The 4-way laser-cut hole design gives you limitless possibilities in configuring your attachments to suit your space.

    Features Include:

    • Laser-cut numbering on the front and back of uprights and each side of crossmembers for ease of lining up j-cups, safeties, and other attachments.
    • 1" diameter hardware for the ultimate in peace-of-mind under heavy load.
    • 2" hole spacing throughout entire rack.
    • Large logo brace with stainless steel faceplate for additional rigidity and side-to-side stability.
    • Stainless steel accents on j-cups and other attachments for a high-end classic look.
    • Exclusive attachments taking advantage of the 1" diameter holes.
    • All attachments include UHMW liners to protect bar knurl and/or paint on your uprights where appropriate.

    Optional Upgrades:

    • Uniquely shaped base stabilizer for removing the need to bolt down 48” depth, and also serves as an anchor point for the pulley system and low row foot plate. *REQUIRED FOR LAT/LOW ROW PULLEY SYSTEM.
    • Improved lat pulldown/low-row with foot brace to help brace legs during low row. Optional leg-roller pad to keep you seated during lat pulldown.
    • Dip Attachment with bolt-together design for less shipping cost on our most popular attachment.
    • Band pegs - Set of 4 for adding band resistance to your barbell workouts.
    • Landmine attachment for multiple uses including many core movements.
    • Weight horns with new urethane coating that makes them longer-lasting and better able to protect your plates. 12" size is great for larger iron plates and bumper plates, while 6" is ideal for 10 lb and less iron or change plates.
    • Front Foot extension for working outside the rack without bolting down. Allows you to add spotter arms off the front of the rack and have dedicated setups for benching and squatting without changing j-cup or safety height.
    • 24" Spotter arms with UHMW liners.
    • Lowered J-cup option effectively allows 1" hole spacing on the uprights by holding your bar 1" lower than our standard or flat-sandwich j-cups. You must have a pair of standard or flat-sandwich in combination with a lowered j-cup pair to achieve this effect.

    In Development:

    • Adjustable Monolift with detent pin for added security - $349 (ETA: Jan/Feb 2019)
    • Iso Lever Arms - $399 (ETA: Jan/Feb 2020)
    • Belt Squat Attachment - $279 (ETA: Jan/Feb 2020)
    • 80" upright Lat/Low Row Attachment - $349 (ETA: January 2020)


    Made In USA




    Product Weight


    Inside Depth






    Steel Notes

    3"x3" 11-Gauge Steel

    Hardware Size


    Westside Hole Spacing


    Weight Capacity

    1,000 LB

    Laser-Cut Hole Numbers


    Pull-Up Bar


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