Fitbench One

Fitbench 1 standing alone.
Fitbench 1 standing alone.
Fitbench One
A woman using the Fitbench 1.
Fitbench One

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The Fitbench One is an all-in-one compact training station that functions as a storage system, dumbbell rack, bench, and plyo box providing users just about everything they would need to achieve a high intensity workout. With locking caster wheels, the Fitbench is both portable and extremely stable weighing a hefty 225 pounds. 

The innovative design includes 14 anchor points to attach resistance bands or battle ropes (really anything with a handle) as well as a high density polyurethane top that inclines using a ladder system. What’s more, the Fitbench One includes dumbbells ranging in weight from 5 to 30 pounds in 5-pound increments, six resistance bands, two kettlebells and a slam ball. 

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Pros & Cons

What we like ...
  • Multi-functional
  • Caster transport wheels
  • 14 anchor points included
  • Comes with high quality, commercial grade dumbbells ranging in weight from 5 to 30 pounds in 5 pound increments, 18 and 30 pound kettlebells, 15 pound slam ball and 6 resistance bands (battle rope costs $160 to add on)
  • High density, polyurethane molded top
  • 8 position incline capabilities
  • Soft-closing top
  • Can be used as a plyo box for functional training
  • Straight handle dumbbells with knurling
What needs improvement ...
  • 20-inch height is higher than industry-standard 17 to 18
  • The wider 17 inch width can be restrictive for some movements
  • Very pricey
  • Shipping is several hundred dollars
  • Dumbbell weights only up to 30 pounds may not be heavy enough
  • No seat pad for incline
  • Incline positions are not laser cut (not a deal breaker but, for the price, should be included)
  • Does not fit well in a standard rack (if you wanted to use it to bench)

Product Summary

Initially intended for commercial use, the Fitbench One combines safety, versatility and durability in a smart design that encapsulates many workout tools in one compact training system. Essentially, it is a weight bench with a storage unit inside, anchor points, a dumbbell rack outside and caster locking wheels on the bottom. The rack system for the weights is noteworthy as it is covered with a plastic, which protects the knurling on the straight handle dumbbells. If you are someone who prefers a barbell for most lifts, you will appreciate the straight handled design of these weights. 

The Fitbench One features a high density polyurethane top that elevates to eight positions for even more exercise versatility. It also doubles as a plyo box and is extremely stable when used for box jumps or other HIIT movements on a box. The best part about the inclining bench pad is how it closes. The gas-shock closing mechanism is soft, quiet and ensures it will not break down from closing too hard over and over again. 

The Fitbench comes equipped with a plethora of training tools. Included in your purchase are dumbbells weighing 5 to 30 pounds in 5-pound increments, an 18- and 30-pound kettlebell, a 15-pound slam ball and six resistance bands. That’s over 250 pounds of equipment loaded onto a hefty 225-pound training station. The brand’s version of the battle rope, the Fitrope, can also be purchased for an additional $160. Featuring 14 anchor points, the Fitrope is a worthwhile add-on if you are planning to use this system for any functional or high intensity training. Truly, the options for HIIT workouts and strength exercises on this bad boy are endless. 

That said, the Fitbench does have its limitations. 

For a whopping $2,895 plus an additional couple hundred for shipping, the Fitbench is not only super pricey but also falls short in several noteworthy areas. For one, the dumbbells only go up to 30 pounds, which does not allow for any sort of heavy strength training. With a height of 20 inches, the profile feels high for a large chunk of the population who would be using it (a typical bench is around 17 inches high). The width on the Fitbench is also quite a bit larger than traditional weight benches. This can feel limiting when performing chest specific exercises (think chest press). 

The high density foam bench pad is extremely comfortable, durable and versatile. But, lacking a seat pad for when inclined, some users may find the incline options uncomfortable. There is also room for some aesthetic improvements. The incline numbers really should be laser cut and the logo is not done well which are not deal breakers. But, let’s be honest, if you are dropping close to 3k on a piece of equipment, every detail should be high quality.


Unit Weight

225 lb bench + 275 lb Weights


17” W x 46.5” L x 20” H


12-gauge, cold-rolled steel


14 Anchor points for resistance bands
Super durable, polyurethane foam-injected top
Soft-closing, inclining top 8 Positions
Cell phone storage
Storage for ropes, bands, dumbbells and slamball

Included with purchase

6 Fitbands (resistance bands) Snap-proof with nylon cover (light, medium, & heavy)
6 commercial grade and custom designed Fitbench hexagon dumbbells 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, & 30 lb (2, 4, 7, 10, 12, & 14 kg)
2 commercial kettlebells 18 & 30 lbs (8 & 12 kg)
1 commercial slam ball 15 lbs (7 kg) Storage


Fitbands (Resistance bands) and slam ball- 6 months
Dumbbells and kettlebells – 1 year
Fitbench – 10 year limited warranty

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Fitbench One

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      The Fitbench One is undoubtedly a fantastic, all-in-one bench with storage smartly designed to promote high intensity training of all kinds. That said, is it worth it? For most home gym buyers, the cost of the bench plus shipping (close to 3k) will be too much.