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Combo Racks

StrongArmSport Combo Rack

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Bells of Steel

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Made in USA



165 LB





Steel Notes


IPF Approved


Item Description

For the 3.0 we’ve implemented several upgrades in co-operation with Mike Armstrong, multi-decade powerlifting veteran and secretary of the Canadian Powerlifting Union. The most distinct being that the bench is now removable and it doubles as a squat rack. With band pegs, adjustable safety catchers, adjustable bench height and a spotter platform. Meets IPF legal dimensions. The newest combo rack will allow both squats and bench with a removable bench and can also be bolted to the ground for extra stability.

Here’s two reason’s why you should have this bench press in your gym:

It has band pegs
Band resistance has become an absolute essential when training the big three and many squat racks have been designed to accommodate this style of training. Problem is most bench press designs are stuck in the stone age. Our bench has 2 adjustable pegs on each side allowing you to attach bands to create a variable tension.

It has a powerful design
The competition bench press handles up to 1,000lbs, enough to accommodate even the top benchers in the world. The adjustable safety catches and spotter platform ensures the safety of the user and the adjustable height helps to accommodate benchers of all heights. It also meets IPF competition specs, which means you’ll be ready for your meet.


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StrongArmSport Combo Rack


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