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Compact Squat Racks

Rogue RML-3WC Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

Rogue Fitness

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check 11 reasons to buy
  • The Rogue RML-3WC Folding Squat Rack is likely Rogue’s best selling squat rack (it has almost twice the amount of reviews as any other rack.)
  • Featuring a rotating hinge system, the RML-3WC is able to fold away when not in use making it great for a garage gym that still wants to have access for a car to park or a home gym that wants a rack that goes out of the way.
  • The 3WC version differs from the RML-3W only in that it is available in various powder coat colors. Everything else is the same.
  • The uprights of the rack are made of 3”x3” 11-gauge steel that is the same as what’s used in Rogue’s highest-end line, the Monster Series of racks.
  • Due to the standard sizing of the uprights and a ⅝” hole size, the RML-3WC can use all of the Monster Lite line of accessories as well as those from other companies like Titan Fitness and Rep Fitness that use a similar geometry rack tubing.
  • When unfolded, the rack is far enough away from the wall that the weight plates as well as your head won’t feel uncomfortable when squatting or benching.
  • A pull-up bar comes standard with the rack which detaches when not in use and adds stability when in use.
  • As with all Rogue Squat Racks, this is made entirely in the USA of US-sourced steel.
  • Rogue has developed a laser-cut stringer system that makes installing the rack pretty easy and looks much better than a DIY wood stringer.
  • The j-cups are rated for 1,000+ LB, and thanks to the weight being pretty close to centered on the upright, there isn’t a ton of stress placed on your wall studs.
  • No need to bolt it into the floor, which saves your concrete foundation.
  • close 3 reasons not to buy
  • As with most Rogue racks, this isn’t the cheapest folding squat rack available.
  • Due to what is required to fold the rack away, we’ve noticed that many people end up leaving the rack unfolded, which defeats the purpose and the extra expense that’s paid for a folding squat rack.
  • Although folding away so the rack is out of the way is superior to a stand-alone rack for those with space considerations, a rack that folds up is an easier and quicker mechanism because no disassembly is required. For this reason, we recommend the PRx Performance Profile Rack if you can stomach the extra cost.
  • reorder Summary
    The Rogue RML-3WC Fold Back Squat Rack is a very popular, space-saving squat rack for home gym owners. In our review, we’ve found the RML-3W to be an excellent folding rack, if you plan to actually disassemble the pull-up bar and fold it away. If not, then we suggest getting a stand-alone rack due to increased versatility. Regardless, this rack has the typical level of quality we’ve come to expect from Rogue at a fair price for made in the USA equipment.

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    More about Rogue RML-3WC Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

    The Rogue Custom Color Fold Back Rack includes all the features of our original retractable Monster Lite RML-3W Power Rack, with the added ability to select your own color finish for the unit's 90.375" uprights.The central design challenge with the Fold Back Rack was to come up with a wall-mount unit that could be folded inward or outward for optimal space efficiency, yet still offer the sturdiness of our standard Monster Lite power racks. To achieve this, our engineering team developed a unique hinge-and-pin system that is both easy to install and rock solid. In use as a squat stand, pull up rig, or power rack, the feel is miles beyond lighter fold-back setups that use thinner steel.The RML-3WC Fold-Back Rack is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, and includes two laser-cut, 3x3" 11 gauge steel uprights, with Westside hole spacing through the bench/pull area and 2"-on-center spacing above and below. All steel is powder coated in the Rogue factory for a durable finish, with 11 custom color options to choose from.Stringers Included StandardFor optimal support, we’re including a pair of stringers with any Custom Color Fold Back Rack order. Made from laser-cut and formed 3x3" 11 gauge steel, these stringers measure 59" long x 10.125" tall, and extend 0.8125" off the mounting surface when installed. One stringer is used to mount the top hinge brackets and the other for the bottom hinge brackets.



    56 3/16" Overall (On Wall)


    24.75" or 43.75"

    Product Weight

    163 LB



    Made In USA


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