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Rogue DT Tempering Rollers

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Rogue Fitness

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Made in USA


Item Description

Rogue’s DT Tempering Rollers were co-developed with powerlifting legend Donnie Thompson—creator of the Thompson Fatbell, the Fat Pad, and the Belt Squat Belt—among many other innovations. In his South Carolina gym, Thompson has helped introduce “body tempering” as a heavy-duty upgrade over traditional foam rollers, utilizing weighted cast-iron cylinders to break up trigger points and relieve tightness in the joints, muscles and fascia. Rogue has refined those original prototype cylinders into our 24" DT Tempering Rollers, available here in 50LB and 80LB increments.

Compared to other massaging rollers, the substantial weight of the DT Tempering Rollers can create a much more intense form of soft tissue mobilization, without causing any additional pain or discomfort in the process. All of our rollers are made from powder-coated cast iron, and feature recessed ends that act as the handles, enabling easier handling and control. Color-coded bands with embossed Rogue branding are included on each end, and correspond to our Rogue Kettlebell colors: Green for 50LB, Gray for 80LB.

For Donnie Thompson, decades of experience as both a champion powerlifter and world renowned trainer have helped him become one of his sport’s great innovators, as well. In his own South Carolina gym, the creator of the Thompson Fatbell has already replaced foam rollers entirely with the weighted cast iron alternative, noting the added intensity in treatment without any added pain. His body tempering methodology has caught on with trainers around the world, and now has a new formal tool design in the form of the Rogue DT Tempering Rollers.

Despite their heavier weight, the size and shape of the DT Tempering Rollers help distribute pressure in such a way that the athlete gets the benefits of an intense massaging treatment without any additional pain or discomfort from the tool itself. Slowly rolled over a muscle/joint/area for 1 to 2 minutes, the weighted cylinder can help facilitate soft tissue mobilization and temporarily relieve nagging knots or tightness, enabling the user to train longer and more effectively in the weight room.

We currently offer the DT Tempering Roller in two size options, giving users the ability to switch weights depending on the area of the body being treated: 
50LB: 24" long x 4.5" diameter, Green color band 
80LB: 24" long x 5" diameter, Gray color band


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Rogue DT Tempering Rollers


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