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Nike Metcon 3 Updates (Colorways & Release Date!)

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The long awaited Nike Metcon 3's are dropping SOON!

Not only are they dropping, but there are some other rumored training shoes that will be marketed to the CrossFit/Functional Fitness Community as well.

This is all great news for fans of shoes like Metcons, Nanos, No Bulls, etc. The more competition, the more other companies have to work to innovate. It's one reason I think Reebok's Nano series slumped with the Nano 3 and 5's. There weren't enough challengers, and so Reebok put out half-hearted attempts at training shoes.

Nike has taken what's done well with the Nike Metcon 1 and 2's and upgraded just about every feature.

Let's take a look.


Nike Metcon 3 Release Date

The release date for the latest Nike Metcon's has yet to be officially released.

That said, due to some contacts and other research, I've been able to nail down a release date that seems pretty likely.

That dates for release is as follows:

“The Nike Metcon 3 releases via NIKEiD on December 19, and online from January 6 at nike.com. The Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit OG colorway is available January 2 at nike.com.”

This is based on previous release dates as well as a recent post from a trusted source on Reddit:

Nike is planning not only to release a Metcon 3, but and Metcon Flyknit and a Nike Repper. The Repper will have a price point of around 75% of the Metcon 3 offering a budget option for functional fitnessers everywhere. The leaked metcon 3 images circulating thus far are almost all of the Metcon Flyknit.

Based on this post, it's likely that the Nike Metcon 3's that are being leaked are probably not even Nike Metcon 3's, but more likely Nike Metcon Flyknit's.

I'd assume that the Nike Metcon Flyknit's would be very similar to the regular Nike Metcon 3's but use Flyknit material instead of


First I'm going to go through all of the new colorways that have been leaked thus far.

I post a majority of these on my Instagram channels. If you want just shoe-related posts, be sure to follow @TrainingShoeClub. If you want shoes mixed in with training gear, equipment, etc. check out @GarageGymReviews. These pictures are practically all from Calvin's Instagram @boyfanfootball. I don't know how he gets them, but he is the king of #TeamEarly.

Total Orange/Blue Lagoon

The first color that is likely to be released is the OG Total Orange/Blue Lagoon. Ever since Nike came out with the Nike Metcon 1, pretty much the main colorway for the initial release is this color. I think it's an excellent color. However, it's not my personal favorite.


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Total Orange/Blue Lagoon


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Total Orange/Blue Lagoon Top & Tongue


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Total Orange/Blue Lagoon Bottom Sole


Black on black on black. We're talking absolutely murdered out!

The Nike Metcon 2's initially released with an all black version except for the heel clip being volt. This colorway, however, is nothing but black, and it is glorious!


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Black


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Black Top & Tongue


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Black Bottom Sole


This is by far my most favorite colorway released thus far.

I'm no doubt a sucker for gum soles, but when combined with the different grays and a splash of volt, this shoe is over the top. Expect to see this bad boy ALL OVER!


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Volt/Grey/Gum


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Volt/Grey/Gum Top & Tongue


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Volt/Grey/Gum Bottom Sole


In just about every shoe Nike releases, no matter what type, a black and white colorway is almost always in the mix. The Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit's are no exception.

This is a good looking color combo, I've just never been a fan of flyknit in white.


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Black/White


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Heel


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Bottom Sole


When the Nike Metcon 2's were originally released, people went nuts.

However,  there was one unreleased color that people clamored for more than any other and that were the red pair that Mat Fraser wore.

Well, Nike is bringing them back as part of the Metcon 3's.


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Red/Black/White


Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Red/Black/White Heel


Royal blue is a classic color, and no shoe release would be complete without it.

I'm a big fan of the gum sole and like the contrast with the royal blue. It's a good looking pair of kicks.


 Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Royal/White/Gum


 Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Royal/White/Gum Heel


This is a unique colorway that in all honesty is pretty ugly.

Some people will like the combination (Denver Broncos Fans?), but I'm not a fan.


 Nike Metcon 3 Flyknit Orange/Royal/Grey

Nike Metcon 2 vs. Nike Metcon 3

There are a lot of changes from the Metcon 2's. Much, much more than that of the original Nike Metcons.

The first change is the material.

Whether these are an offshoot of the Nike Metcon 3's or not, the use of flyknit is a significant change from the previous shoes.


The second change is the sole.

The sole wraps around to the sides of the shoes and is a big change from the originals. Will it grip or feel different than previous models? That's to be seen, but either way, I think it looks kind of cool.


The final big change I see is the use of plastic on the outside of the shoe.

This is most likely to provide some more structure to the flyknit exterior, I'm just curious how long it will last.


Final Thoughts

I'm excited for the release of the newest Metcons as many others are as well.

The price is yet to be released. However, I would imagine them being around $120 as they have been in the past.

Where to Buy: Rogue Fitness

Stay Strong, Live Long,


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