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Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar Review

Eleiko Weightlifting Barbell Review

The greatest barbell to ever grace the strength world is now in my garage. The Eleiko Olympic WL Bar is the bar I’m referring to. Sure, it’s debatable as to which bar exactly stands atop Mount Olympus as THE BAR. However, it is without a doubt one of the greatest ever made (and if price is indicative of quality then this is of the highest quality.)


DIY Platform And Sled Pictured with the Eleiko and US Flag

How it was acquired:

I scour Craigslist everyday. No joke, I probably go on every single day so that if there’s some piece of equipment I want, or I already have and can turn it around and sell for more than I buy it. This is how I found the Eleiko Training Bar.

A guy who owned a local CrossFit gym (it’s a gym, not a box) had bought the bar brand new a year ago and decided the knurl was too aggressive for high-rep training–and I undoubtedly agree with him. He wanted to sell the bar to purchase two cheaper bars made for CrossFit. It just so happen I just bought a new Rogue 2.0 bar and hadn’t used it yet due to already having a Rogue Ohio Bar. I also had two Schwinn Airdyne AD4’s and I was looking to get rid of one. So I offered him the Rogue 2.0 bar, an AD4 I got for cheap on Craigslist, and a Benjamin ($100 for the uneducated) and it is now sitting in my garage gym. Total cost: $450

IMG_20141029_080138Passive Center Knurl

IMG_20141029_080127Aggressive Outer Knurl


The knurling is great for the classic lifts, not for CrossFit or anything with high reps. The reason first off is because it’s not made for anything more than a couple reps. The grip that the Eleiko provides is unlike any other bar I’ve used. Its B-e-a-utiful! Rub the chalk on, set your hook grip, and rip that bar off the platform knowing that you might as well have 500 mini Piranha’s locking onto your hands. That being said, the knurl does not hurt, it just grips. Period.

The bar also has a passive center knurl that I wish all my bars had. It’s aggressive enough for you to know its there, but passive enough that you don’t think about it.

The Eleiko WL Bar is constructed using 215,000 psi special “Swedish Steel”


I am by no means in contention to be invited to train at the USOC training center for Weightlifting. That being said I do feel the whip when I get about 120 kgs/265 lbs. I do not need the Eleiko bar as I don’t lift enough to truly feel its advantages, however I also don’t need a commercial level gym in my garage. In the end, the whip is there, it’s the best I’ve used and as I increase my lifts, the more it will come in handy.


Like butter. The spin is simply unlike any other bar I’ve used. I’m used to bushing bars, but with the use of needle bearings, the spin is out of this world. Like many, when I set up to snatch or clean I spin the bar back to me with my foot. When I did this with the Eleiko  it did not move, it stayed and the shaft just spun along with my foot. In relation to the spin when it really matters during the clean and snatch, it’s as if there’s nothing restricting you. Pull under the bar without worries. If you’ve ever had to release your hookgrip due to a bad spinning bar, you’ll know how great it is to have a bearing bar.



The collar construction helps keep the beast from roaring (aka making noise from drops)


Quiet, when I drop the Eleiko I think quality. There is no clanging and banging (although I like to clang n’ bang.) There is just a thud that warms your heart and says to you, you are the owner of a bar that costs a lot, and performs like it costs more. For a bar that does clang and bang but still does a killer job at being a barbell see my review of the Rogue Ohio Bar.

Even Klokov likes Eleiko. Look how happy he is using one!

Final Thoughts:

If you can afford an Eleiko I say go for it. There’s many reasons as I’ve listed above, but mainly because it will be the last bar you ever buy. However, the Eleiko should be in addition to another bar that you use for power lifts, and high reps if you aren’t just an olympic lifter. Compared to DHS, Werksan, Rogue, Pendlay, and others the Eleiko just has something special about it. Would I say it's head and shoulders above the rest, no, but I'd like to get my hands on the others to provide a comparison.

Where to Purchase:


Rogue Fitness

Craigslist (good luck 🙂 )

Train On,



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