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Power Racks

Titan T-3 Series Power Rack

Titan Fitness



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24" Depth
36" Depth
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check 8 reasons to buy
  • The Titan T-3 Rack takes many features of the Rogue R-3, one of our favorite power racks, and makes it more affordable by changing some features and importing the steel from China.
  • The T-3 is very stable when bolted down.
  • Unlike the R-3, the T-3 has bolted panels instead of welded which although weaker, can be easier to adjust so they sit flat on an uneven surface.
  • The V2 of the T-3 comes in a variety of colors.
  • The V2 of the T-3 features laser-cut holes on the side of the uprights as well as the front.
  • This rack utilizes Westside Hole Spacing which allows for 1” hole spacing through the bench area.
  • Pin pipe safeties come standard with the rack along with plate posts and band pegs.
  • Due to the rack being a standard 2” x 3”, it’s capable of using any of the many accessories Titan has or those from Rogue Fitness among others.
  • close 6 reasons not to buy
  • Titan is known for messing up orders by sending the wrong items or leaving items out. In addition, expect a longer delay to receive your order.
  • The T-3 is an imported rack. To some that matters, to others it does not.
  • The welds on the T-3 are okay, but certainly not as good as competitors.
  • The J-cups that come with the T-3 are average at best and have been known to break, which is quite dangerous.
  • The panels of the T-3 are bolted instead of welded, which makes a weaker joint.
  • The bolts used on the T-3 are a cheaper grade than what competitors use.
  • reorder Summary
    The Titan T-3 is a good, budget-friendly power rack. It’s very similar to one of our favorite racks, the Rogue R-3, but at a much cheaper price thanks to it’s imported nature. If you have the ability to bolt down your rack to a platform or concrete foundation and want a rack that won’t break the bank, this is a good option.


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