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Titan Blues City Power Bar

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Manufacturer: Titan Fitness

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The Titan Blues City Power Bar is marketed as Titan Fitness' best powerlifting barbell. This is the first time that Titan has come out with a power bar, and in all honesty, one of the only barbells that is actually worth looking at from them. We've tested their Atlas bar in the past and we actually dropped 800 pounds onto some safety straps and bent it, but it did hold up better than I thought it would. This bar is the one that is the most competitive to other bars like the Rogue Ohio Power Bar and Buddy Capps Texas Power Bar and probably the reason behind the name "Blues City Power Bar" because they're based in Tennessee. This is a Made in the USA Bar, which is a big deal for Titan. They don't state that it's USA sourced steel, so I would guess it's still imported steel, but it's made in the USA.

They cut a good knurling in the bar. They have nice sleeves with a good rotation system (bronze bushings.) It has a high tensile strength shaft at 200,000 PSI. I'll talk more about that, but their goal is basically from everything that I see on it, is to take some sales away from Rogue with the Rogue Ohio Power Bar. Now we've reviewed just about every power bar that's out there and the best power bar for most people that has been created up to this writing is the Rogue Ohio Power Bar. I'm not alone in that either.

Sure, there are some people that argue it's the Texas Power Bar, but in my opinion, the Texas Power Bar has been replaced by the Rogue Ohio Power Bar. So I want to compare this one, this new up and comer at a good price point, the Titan Blues City Power Bar to the Rogue Ohio Power Bar because that's the one they're really trying to beat. And that's the one I think everybody's chasing. Just to give you a little bit rundown on the Titan Blues City Power Bar, it's 200K tensile strength, which is a high tensile strength. Typically we see 190K PSI tensile strength. In fact, the Texas Power Bar used to be around 160K PSI tensile strength. It's now 190K PSI so it's up there. The Rogue Ohio Power Bar is 200K PSI for the stainless steel version and 205K PSI for the regular Ohio Power Bar, but it's got a nice aggressive knurl.

The Titan Blues City Power Bar has bronze bushings. The knurl is a volcano type knurl. which is similar to the Rogue counterpart, and this is why I say they're trying to unseat the Ohio Power Bar. Basically what it seems like to me is they married the Ohio Power Bar with the Texas Power Bar to create the Blues City Power Bar. So what I mean by that is that the knurling is a volcano type knurl, but the diameter of the shaft is a 28.5MM diameter, which is more similar to the Texas Power Bar. So, if you're wondering if this is a good barbell, then yes, I think it is. Especially when you factor in the price. When this bar first came out, it was $322.95 I believe they've since lowered it and Titan is constantly playing with prices so we suggest waiting for a sale.

Since the bar is made by Titan Fitness, you do have to worry more so than other companies that there may be scratches on it. Also, are they going to warranty it? Is it going to come outside the tube? All those things that you deal with Titan. Also, if it's Chinese sourced steel, it may say it's 200 K tensile strength, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is. I've seen bars where they claim it's one thing and it's completely something different.

Considering the price, features, free shipping, and everything related to the bar, it's a great option if you're on a budget. The Blues City Power Bar is a good bar. It's not as good as the Ohio Power Bar and I still think the OPB is a better value, but the Blues City is a good bar. All the specs are up there. The knurling is great. Everything about it is a solid bar. I've used it for the squat, deadlift and bench had some other people use it and their opinion on it was they liked the knurling, they liked the 28.5MM shaft, and when I told them the price, they really liked it. If you want a good power bar and don't want to pay the cost of an Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Bar, Kabuki Strength New Gen Power Bar, Rogue Ohio Power Bar or Texas Power Bar, this is a good budget-friendly option.

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