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Trap Bars

Bells of Steel Trap Bar 2.0

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Bells of Steel

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Made in USA


Sleeve Coating


Loadable Sleeve Length

410 MM

Bar Weight

65 LB

Weight Capacity

700 LB



Item Description

Designed by Bells of Steel founder Kaevon, this trap bar was upgraded to accommodate our most requested feedback:

1. Full length rotating Olympic sleeves “how many plates can it fit?” is by far the most asked question about our trap bar. So I thought it made sense to make the sleeves the standard length. On top of this, I added brass bushings, so the sleeves rotate like any bar would, it just makes for a better and safer lifting experience.

2. Aggressive knurling. considering deadlifts are what hex bars are almost exclusively used for, I wanted an aggressive knurl like on our power bar (or any good quality power bar for that matter).

3. Black/Bright Zinc finish Not only is zinc an excellent finish for mid-range bars, the aesthetic color combo compliments and gym.

4. Enhanced packaging Because of their awkward shape and weight, trap bars are notorious for breaking through their box in transit and getting damaged. In addition to heavy duty cardboard and straps, I added in wood lining to help prevent the bar from shifting inside the box during transit and busting through.

A bold statement about a bold bar, the trap bar is a terrific aid for the deadlift and is considered by many much superior to a straight bar. It reduces spine stress relative to the straight bar deadlift and puts the arms and hands into a near-perfect position. It also makes the lowering of the bar a reverse of the ascent. With a straight bar, lowering the weight can be a problem. This is because the knees get in the way more on the descent than they do on the ascent. The extent of this depends on the individual structure.

This rhombus-like bar lets users get the best benefits from the deadlift while keeping technique problems to a minimum and is fantastic for beginners. It is an outstanding bar. All who use it will benefit.

If you are a competitive powerlifter and thus must use a straight bar at meets and in most of your training, a trap bar can still be a valuable “off” season training tool. It greatly reduces unnecessary stress but while developing strength that may have carry-over value to the straight bar deadlift (or even squat).

The trap bar was originally patented in 1985 by a powerlifting aficionado named Al Gerard, who was trying to find a way to train around a recurring lower back injury. It has since gained widespread support among many coaches as a back-friendly alternative to both traditional straight-bar deadlifts and squats.

Studies have shown the Trap Bar to be able to develop more power than regular deadlifts, less stress on the spine and being more beneficial for beginner athletes because of the ergonomic design.

There truly should be a trap bar in every gym.

See image for exact dimensions. 700lb warrantied weight capacity. Weighs 65lbs.


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Bells of Steel Trap Bar 2.0


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