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Hydration for Runners: What Should You Sip on to Make Your Run a Success?

Hydration for runners is paramount. Read our guide that details what to drink before, during, and after your run to ensure you stay healthy.

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Incline Trainer vs Incline Treadmill: What’s the Difference?

Interested in hill training and choosing between an incline trainer vs incline treadmill for your home gym? Let us help you decide.

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A Complete Couch to 5K Planning Guide For a Successful Run

You’ve never run before, or maybe it’s been a while since you laced up your running shoes. If you set a goal to run a 5K race and want to be ready for that start line, we can help.There’s a running program that simplifies the training process. It’s famously known as the “Couch to 5K plan,” or C25K plan, and it mixes running with walking breaks, allowing you to recover and adapt to the load.  » Read more about: A Complete Couch to 5K Planning Guide For a Successful Run  »

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How to Run Faster: 11 Strategies to Increase Your Running Speed

Want to run a fast mile, learn how to run faster and longer, or how to get better at running? Our expert guide serves up all the running tips you need.

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