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Armaid Review

Armaid Review

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness

How many foam rollers, knock off lacrosse balls, and gizmos to mash your muscle fibers into submission have you used?

Probably a ton, because so have I.

This being said, I have yet to see a mobility tool that does what the foam roller does to your legs, to your forearms.

Think about it, how do you work on the muscles that get used more than any other? If you're like me, you probably just used a lacrosse ball that was awkward and hard to stay in place.

A tool however has become more popular among strength athletes and already completely dominates the Rock Climbing community is


Is a tool that does one thing, albeit very well, worth the cost?

Let's find out!



Before I go into how it actually works, I'm going to go into how it's built.

The majority of the Armaid is made using a super tough plastic. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if this thing survived being ran over by a car. (On a side note, it did survive being used as a chew toy by my dog ‘Famous' Amos. He's a cute but vicious fellow.)

The plastic provides the perfect amount of rigidity while still allowing it to be light and portable. AND portability is going to be something you want in this device because you'll want to take it EVERYWHERE.

The device that rolls your arm is attached to a base that straps to your leg to keep it in place, like so:


The piece that attaches to your leg has a ball and socket that allows it to spin with force. This comes in handy when you're trying to get both sides of your forearms and would rather not have to unstrap the leg piece each time.

Overall, the Armaid is built to last. I've dropped it many times, accidentally stepped on it, my dog chewed it like I said, and it still works like the day I received it.

In Use

The Armaid is very easy to use.

Simply strap it to your leg, adjust the width of the roller, stick your arm in, and start mashing!

After using it for only a short time, you start to realize just how knotted up your forearms are. Think about it, you use your hands more than just about any other part on your body, yet they get rolled out and mobilized least of all.

One of the parts of the Armaid I really like is the top of the device features two handles that allow you to determine how much pressure you want to put on your arm.

It also features slots for exchanging different rollers that vary the intensity of the rolling through the size and softness of the roller used. Here's a few of the different options:

I did not get the chance to review all of the various options outside of the small white and gray rubber knobs so I cannot comment on their effectiveness.

I will say however, that the gray and white knobs in my opinion are more than enough until I have the opportunity to try the other rollers.

Something to remember when using the device is that if you're not careful you can really do a bit of damage quickly. By damage, I don't mean the bad kind, but the restorative kind. Your forearm muscles most likely aren't used to being stretched and pulled like they will with the Armaid.

Because of this, my suggestion is to start off slow and overtime build up the volume that you use it.

For whatever reason, when I back squat I grip the bar super tight. This leads to pain and a loss of grip in my hands due to fatigue and tightness. To combat this issue, I started rolling out my forearms with the Armaid in between sets and it has made a WORLD of difference.

Another application I think this is perfect for outside of general trainees, is rock climbers. I've rock climbed casually over the past year and nothing torches your grip like bouldering. This is the perfect device to take with you and in between climbs roll out your forearms. I'm unsure if it's a popular device among rock climbers yet, but I believe it should be soon enough.

How I Use the Armaid

The Armaid is a simple device to use, however I will say I have found it most effective to use it a certain way.

Rather than just rolling out your forearms with an unclenched fist, I've found it best to twist your wrist while rolling. This allows you to reach some of the deeper muscles of the forearm and truly provides relief.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the review, this is a product I really like. Some of the gear I receive is just another variation of something else that is available, however the Armaid is unique and alone in its effectiveness.

If you're a grip athlete, strongman, CrossFitter, weightlifter, arm wrestler, rock climber, MMA athlete, or any other kind of athlete that has to rely on a strong grip, YOU NEED TO ADD THIS TO YOUR MOBILITY ARSENAL.

It truly is the best thing I've found for grip relief.

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness

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