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Adidas Leistung Weightlifting Shoes Review

Where to Buy: Adidas Leistung Weightlifting Shoes

They are in my hands!


When I initially saw these, I immediately wanted them.

Granted, they are ugly. AND they are pretty expensive, but that being said, this is the most


Seriously. If Michael J. Fox had been into weightlifting in Back to the Future, these are the shoes he would have worn.

Let's dig in!


Adidas Leistung YT Cover

These are some of the ugliest weightlifting shoes I've seen.

This is my opinion, but the BOA lacing system is awesome in function, but awful in looks. The main part of the shoe that is red isn't too bad, but the neon pinkish color fabric near the heel is hideous.

I honestly have no idea why they would use the color they did, but if that was a different color I think they would look a lot better.

Outside of the lacing system and pink fabric, I think the shoe looks pretty cool. The hundreds of David's Star's spread out across the shoe are weird coming from a German company, but the texture looks cool from a distance (they're also on the bottom.)

Davids star bottom of shoe

The clear plastic heel adds a nice contrasting touch that I think adds nicely to the overall aesthetic of the shoe.


The shoe is definitely made by a large shoe manufacturer. There are no threads hanging and everything looks perfect and machine made (not always a good thing.)

The main part of the shoe is all one large piece of plasticy material that is stitched once near the heel. This should provide for increased durability over the long haul.


There is a lot of glue used to hold the shoe together although it can't be seen. Adidas has been making weightlifting shoes for so long that I'm pretty sure they have the process down enough to create a very durable shoe.

The actual height of the heel is higher than both Adidas Adipowers and Nike Romaleo II's. For me, this is a big plus to the shoe because I have bad ankle mobility. I would compare the height of the heel to that of the Anta Weightlifting Shoes that so many of the Chinese use.

Adipower vs Leistung Heels

The grip on the bottom of the sole is sufficient for weightlifting use and I found it to be very comparable to that of the Adidas Adipowers.

The shoe is breathable in the toe, however there aren't many ways for air to escape near the heel part of the shoe, however I didn't notice any issues with my feet getting hot while using them.


Overall, I think the shoe is constructed very well and should hold up to the rigors of the the punishment that is put on the platform. Even if you're Jon North (hehe.)

In Use


Like I said, the height of the heel is my favorite part of the shoe. It puts me into such a better position for squatting and catching the bar in the clean and snatch than any other weightlifting shoe I've worn, except for maybe the Position Blue Suede Shoes.

The shoe is lighter than the Adidas Adipowers and much lighter than Nike Romaleos II (those things are bricks.) I like being nimble on my feet and am glad Adidas decided to make the shoe lighter than the previous versions.

The fit of the shoe is similar the Adipowers. In fact, I would guess they were built on the same last as they are still relatively thin. This suits my foot perfectly, although you with hobbit feet would probably prefer the width of the Romaleos II.

The Boa system is awesome. It looks hideous, but functions better than traditional laces, even ones that have a strap. The ease of use and uniform tightness achieved from the Boa System is better than any other out there. The system also has a lifetime warranty in case for whatever reason it breaks.

Adidas Adipowers vs. Adidas Leistung

Adidas Leistung vs Adidas Adipowers

The Adipowers are great shoes. In fact, they're my daily drivers.

But the Leistung is a superior shoe. No question. The lacing system, the higher heel, the weight. Nearly everything about the shoe excluding the looks is better.

I think it would have been nice to have had a foot strap, but it really isn't necessary with the BOA lacing system.

I also believe these shoes should prove to be quite durable, however it will take some time to see that.

Final Thoughts

The Adidas Leistung Weightlifting Shoe is the best performing shoe I've ever used.

Sure, it looks like it was designed by Hitler in a Teletubby suit (that's awkward,) but it's hard to deny something that is so comfortable, light, and effective as these shoes.

This reminds me of the fight between function and fashion. Weightlifting is a sport where you control very little about the way you look. Your shoes are pretty much the only thing you can control outside of your clothing for some, so I can understand why people truly care how their shoes look.

But, weightlifting is won by the amount of kilos/pounds on the bar, not by how on fleek you are.

Pick these bad boys up, you won't regret it (your wallet might though.)

Where to Buy: Adidas Leistung Weightlifting Shoes

Stay Strong, Live Long,


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