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Adidas Adipower vs. Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoes Review

When it comes to choosing weightlifting shoes in my mind you have two choices.

The Adidas Adipower and the Nike Romaleos 2 are the premier shoes in the weightlifting world. Outside of CrossFit where Reebok reigns king (not for long, can you say Nike Metcon Tr) Adidas and Nike own the weightlifting shoe world.

The reason they are so great is because they provide a solid base, a lifted heel, and allow you to feel glued to the floor. In the weightlifting world these are essential and are the most important piece of equipment an Olympic Weightlifter uses outside of the strength equipment.

Adidas Adipower vs Nike Romaleos

The shoes where they belong– on the platform.

Both the Adipower and the Romaleos 2 are excellent shoes. I own both, have lifted in both extensively, and have decided the winner for me. However, the winner for me, may very well not be the winner for you. So lets dig in.



  • The majority of the shoe is made out of PU-coated leather. This allows for durability, proper fit, and breathability (much more breathable than the Romaleos 2.) The hard plastic heel was the first used by Adidas in their weightlifting shoes and due to their popularity I'm sure they will continue to use them in future iterations, although I would like to see the comeback of the wood heel in the Adistars.

Romaleos 2:

  • The majority of the Romaleos 2 is leather and mesh. The heel utilizes a technology called the Power Bridge that Nike developed to cup the heel. In my opinion the heel feels just as good as the Adipower, so I don't necessarily believe the marketing hype behind the name Power Bridge, but nonetheless the hard plastic heel does hold your heel in place.


Both shoes have a 0.75″ heel.



  • One of the complaints I hear most from people who have tried the Adipower's is that they are too tight. The reason for this is because they are made for people with thin feet. This is the main difference between the Adipower and the Romaleos 2, the fit. if you do have thin feet, the Adipower's provide a great fit. They feel very secure once tied, and when you take the instep strap and yank it down, the Adipower's become part of your foot.You can't ask for more than that from a fit standpoint.

Romaleos 2:

  • The complaint most heard about the Romaleos 2 is that they are too loose. The reason for this is the same as the Adipower, the last that is used to create the shoe is based off a wider foot. If you have a wide foot, this may be the shoe for you. I will say this, I have a thin foot, but the Romaleos 2 felt more secure than the Adipowers. Part of that reason is due to the fact that there is two straps. An instep, and metatarsal strap. Also, I think part of it has to do with weight. The Romaleos 2 are heavy.


The Sole Pattern on the Shoes. Although the Romaleos, look more flexible from the sole, they are not.



  • The Adipower is much lighter than the Romaleos 2. Some like their shoes to be light, and in reality the Adipower can be used in CrossFit workouts, I've done it. In fact I did 14.5 (which was thrusters and burpees from hell) in my Adipowers. You could not do that in the Romaleos 2.

Romaleos 2:

  • The Romaleos 2 are a weightlifting shoe, that's it. They are heavy, cumbersome, and glue you to the platform. In that way they are wonderful. I personally do not like the extra weight they provided, but I know many who do.

Stability and Flexibility:


  • I've never felt unstable using the Adipowers. The reason I like them so much is because I forget they're there. They become part of your foot and overtime mold to become an extension of your leg. They also have forefoot flexibility. Granted, not a lot, but much more than the Romaleos 2.

Romaleos 2:

  • The Romaleos 2 are more stable than the Adipowers. They have a wider base and are heavier and have very little flex. You literally feel stuck to the floor. This is very important in weightlifting and is what makes them so popular.

Final Thoughts/Verdict:

Both shoes are excellent. My recommendation is if you have a wide foot, and are planning to only use them during weightlifting than purchase the Nike Romaleos 2, no question. If you have a thin foot, go for the Adidas Adipowers.

Either way, you are going to be happy with your purchase. I bought both, used both and decided to keep the Adipowers and sell the Romaleos 2 because I have thin feet. However, my wife has fat feet (shhh, don't tell her I said that) so she got the Romaleos 2 and she couldn't be happier.

Where to Purchase:

Adidas Adipowers: Rogue Fitness

Nike Romaleos: Rogue Fitness

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