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Multipurpose Bars

Rogue Bar 2.0

Rogue Fitness

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check 10 reasons to buy
  • The Rogue 2.0 Bar was chosen as our Top Pick for the Best Olympic Barbell for most people. It’s that good.
  • The shaft of the bar features 190K PSI Tensile Strength Steel that’s made in the USA of US-sourced steel. This tensile strength has pretty much become the standard for most bars today and for good reason, it’s strong.
  • Inside the sleeves sit multiple composite bushings that provide the rotation for the bar. Although not as durable as bronze bushings, we’ve yet to see any issues with composite bushings and their original design is for aircraft purposes so we think they’re find for barbells.
  • At well under $300, the Rogue 2.0 Bar is one of the best value barbells in the world.
  • The bar comes in one coating, black zinc, which although not the best, should provide years of service, especially if properly maintained using 3-in-1 oil.
  • The knurling on the Rogue 2.0 Bar is somewhat passive, making it great for CrossFit in which a lot of reps are performed, often for time.
  • At 28.5MM with dual knurl marks, this bar will perform well for someone that wants a bar to work for both powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting movements.
  • As with nearly all Rogue Bars, the Rogue Bar 2.0 comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • There is a cutout in the sleeve collar where a rubber band can be fit for easy bar identification in CrossFit Affiliates or customization in a home gym.
  • The Rogue 2.0 Bar features an F-Rating of F-8R which is Rogue’s highest durability rating.
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  • The single coating offered for the bar is a black zinc shaft with bright zinc sleeves. The black zinc is known to fade over time and turn to a dull green.
  • Some have found the knurling to be a bit too passive, with one user stating, “This is completely subjective, but I find the knurling to be a bit light. The bar takes chalk well and when you chalk up, the bar will glue itself to your hands. Without chalk though, I find the knurling too light.”
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    The Rogue 2.0 Bar has been chosen as our Top Pick for the Best Olympic Barbell for most people for a reason; its value is outstanding. If I would have told you a decade ago that a barbell this good was going to be at this price, you’d laugh me out of the room. This said, today there are MANY different barbells that can compete with the Rogue 2.0 Bar, although we still find it to be one of our most recommended bars for someone planning to train in a variety of movements.

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    More about Rogue Bar 2.0

    Video Review

    This is the next generation of the 28.5MM Olympic bar that helped launch the revolution. Now fully machined and assembled at the Rogue factory in Columbus, Ohio, the Rogue Bar 2.0 represents the highest level of precision engineering with a wide range of new features—including stronger 190 PSI steel, durable composite bushings, and CNC-machined groove sleeves with customizable color bands, available here

    Like the original flagship Rogue Bar, Version 2.0 still offers convenient dual knurl marks for both Olympic and powerlifting, with a black zinc coated shaft and bright zinc sleeves. The addition of a groove in the sleeve enables athletes and coaches to more easily identify and differentiate bars by changing out the bands. The bar comes standard with Rogue-branded bands, but you can swap them out with any of the additional color options available, or even use any custom, personalized band that matches the dimensions.

    The Rogue Bar 2.0 is among the first in our arsenal to use composite bushings—a self-lubricating material often found in hi-tech aerospace equipment and military vehicles. For intense, high-rep training, these bushings dramatically minimize friction to both provide a reliable spin and help extend the shelf life of the bar itself.

    The Rogue Bar helped us cement our reputation at the CrossFit Games and beyond, and we believe the Rogue Bar 2.0 is a worthy successor to that mantle.


    Bar Type

    Men's Bars

    Bar Use

    Weightlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Multipurpose

    Bar Weight






    Center Knurl


    Knurl Marks


    Shaft Coating

    Black Zinc

    Loadable Sleeve Length


    Sleeve Coating

    Bright Zinc



    F Rating


    Tensile Strength

    190,000 PSI


    Lifetime Warranty*

    Made in USA


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