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Rep PR-1100 Home Gym Power Rack

Rep Fitness

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check 10 reasons to buy
  • The REP PR-1100 Power Rack is designed to meet the needs of home gym owners that are on a budget, yet want versatility.
  • We have a red PR-1100 that we’ve been reviewing and it has vastly exceeded our expectations in terms of durability and weight capacity.
  • At under $250, this is one of the most budget-friendly power racks on the market.
  • Unlike most squat racks in this price range, the PR-1100 comes in 5 different colors including Gloss Black, Matte Black, Red, Blue, and Silver. All of these colors match REP’s bench colorways as well.
  • A fully welded multi-grip bar comes standard with the rack. It has a standard pull-up bar on the front and a fat grip pull-up bar on the back. The pull-up bar can be flipped upside if your home gym is in the basement. The PR-1000 Rack comes with a straight pull-up bar, although it is more expensive.
  • The base of the rack is flat-footed making it possible to use the rack without bolting it down to a weightlifting platform or your concrete slab.
  • All four uprights are numbered with laser-cut numbers every five holes. Although we would have liked to see them on every hole, this is a good compromise for the price (you will rarely see laser-cut hole numbers on racks at this price.)
  • The j-cups are plastic lined to protect the knurling on your barbell, again something not often seen at this price.
  • Safeties are included, although they are chrome plated and will scratch your bar and bend if you drop the weights from much distance during a squat or overhead press.
  • The PR-1100 has the ability to add attachments like weight storage to hold weight plates off the back, a lat pulldown/low row attachment making it great for building pulling strength in your back, dip attachment for the chest and triceps, as well as a landmine attachment for core work.
  • close 5 reasons not to buy
  • The PR-1000 series of racks is not the only line of racks at this price point. In fact, if you do a quick scan on Amazon, you’ll realize there is a ton of competition at exactly this price range and less.
  • The assembly on the PR-1100 does take some time as it is largely bolted together.
  • For the price, this is expected and strong enough for most, but the steel is 14-gauge which leads to a lower weight capacity than what’s used on the standard 11-gauge that seen in the industry. The weight capacity for the rack is 700 LB.
  • REP Fitness charges for shipping, so the price you see on their site will be significantly higher when you checkout. This said, the rack is for sale on Amazon as well.
  • The warranty for the rack is 2 years, which isn’t super long.
  • reorder Summary
    The REP Fitness PR-1100 is, in our opinion, one of the best value squat racks on the market for those just starting a home gym or squat/bench less than 700 LB. In our review, we’ve found that this is a stable power rack with many features taken from racks twice its price. This includes upright color options, a multi-grip pull-up bar, UHMW j-cups, and numbered uprights. If you’re trying to build a budget home gym, this is an excellent option, just be aware that you may want to upgrade in the future.

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    More about Rep PR-1100 Home Gym Power Rack

    REP PR-1100 Power Rack

    When you need a full featured power rack that won’t break the bank, look no further! Rated at 1,000 pounds, the PR-1100 was designed with home and garage gym owners in mind, and gives you all the professional features you want in a compact, versatile package.


    1. Multi-Grip Pullup Arch – Perfect for traditional, neutral, close or wide-grip pullups. It features a standard pull up bar size on the front, and a thicker pull-up bar on the back side!  Easily attach Rep pull up assistance bands if you need them!
    2. Numbered Uprights – Make faster and more accurate adjustments for your safeties and j-cups. Stop guessing where to put your j-cup.
    3. Plastic Lined J-Cups – The industry standard to reduce noise and protect your barbell's knurl to avoid rusting.
    4. Extended Safeties – Chrome plated safety bars extend out and can be used to rack a barbell.  We do recommend to mainly use our J-cups to protect both the finish and knurl of your barbell.  Buy an extra pair to help!


    Combine several PR-1000 series attachments, a REP bench, barbell, and plates to get a complete home or garage gym setup with endless exercise options.  The REP lat pull down and row attachment, dip handles, weight horns, and landmine attachments all work with the PR-1100!  From landmine presses and core twists, to cable shoulder raises, squats, and multi-grip pull up options - it's an all-in-one power rack.


    • Total footprint: 84” tall x 48” wide x 47.5” deep (84" is to top of pull-up bar, when mounted as shown in the photos, Top of uprights is 82" if you prefer to mount the pull-up bar upside down)
    • Interior area: 79” high x 44” wide x 45.5” deep
    • Hardware size: 3 1/8”
    • Weight: 130lbs
    • Upright Hole Spacing: 3"
    • J-Cup Weight Capacity: 1,000lbs
    • Pullup Bar Capacity: 400lbs
    • 14 gauge steel
    • Covered by a 2 year warranty
    • Optional add-ons:




    Made In USA


    Laser-Cut Hole Numbers


    Weight Capacity

    1,000 LB

    Westside Hole Spacing


    Product Weight

    130 LB

    Inside Depth






    Steel Notes

    2x2" 14 gauge Steel

    Foot Print

    42" x 42" x 84"

    Hardware Size


    Pull-Up Bar

    Yes - Multi-Grip

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