Rogue Kettlebells

Rogue Kettlebells
Rogue Kettlebells
Rogue Kettlebells
Rogue Kettlebells

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  • Variety of weight increments
  • Made of solid iron ore; no plastic caps, plug or patches
  • Matte black powder finish
  • Color-coded
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Pros & Cons

What we like ...
  • Rogue Kettlebells are, by and large, the best value kettlebells we've reviewed when price (with shipping,) weight accuracy, and finish are considered. They're not the absolute best kettlebells, but they are some of the best value available.
  • All of Rogue's kettlebells use color-coded bands to make the weight increments easily identifiable. In addition to the bands, the weight in both Kilograms and Pounds is cast permanently into the iron so it doesn't face.
  • Rogue uses a textured powder coat to protect against corrosion as well as allow the hands to grip. With chalk, these grip extremely well although they are a bit uneven in comparison to some competitors like Kettlebell Kings.
  • Like most higher-end kettlebells, Rogue's use a single piece cast which means the handles are unlikely to separate from the bell when dropped like cheaper kettlebells.
  • The bottom of the bells are machined flat. Many companies leave the raw casting which is often okay, but it can cause the kettlebells to be more likely to wobble.
  • These are offered in a weight range from 9LB up to 203Lb which is one of the wider weight increment ranges offered on the market.
  • The 40LB Rogue Kettlebell is officially approved for use with the US Army's Combat Fitness Test. There are only a few companies that are approved, one of which is Sorinex.
  • The weight tolerance is +/- 3%. If they're beyond this, Rogue will replace the kettlebell, but it's not often that it happens.
  • Rogue's shipping on items like these is nearly impossible to beat due to their large sales volume. This can save quite a bit of money depending on how much you buy.
What needs improvement ...
  • Rogue's powder coat on their kettlebells is pretty uneven and gritty in comparison to more expensive competitors like Kettlebell Kings.
  • These kettlebells appear to be the same as what both Rep Fitness and Fringe Sport among others are selling. We'd guess they're made in similar factories. Go with who's cheapest.
  • The handles get thicker on the kettlebells as they increase in weight. This is common, but it needs to be understood as some of the heavier weights have extremely thick handles.
  • These are imported although Rogue has started to sell some made in the USA versions as well.

Product Summary

The Rogue Kettlebell comes in a variety of 17 weight increments from 9 pounds up to 203 pounds. Unlike some other bells on the market, these are not made from scrap metal, but rather begins as an iron ore that is casted as a single, solid piece to create a stronger product. Also, its machine flattened design creates a wobble-free base for easier use and storage.

The Rogue Kettlebell is designed for easy weight identification with color coded handles on kettlebells up to 88 pounds. Rogue’s proprietary casting process means that there is an incredibly clean finish on each piece. All weights feature a round handle, and a matte black powder finish that allow for better grip. 

Weight Tolerance: +/- 3%





9-lb, 13-lb, 18-lb, 26-lb, 35-lb, 44-lb, 53-lb, 62-lb, 70-lb, 80-lb, 88-lb, 97-lb, 106-lb, 124-lb, 150-lb, 176-lb, 203-lb


Cast Iron

Made In USA


Weight Tolerance

+/- 1%

Handle Diameter


Base Diameter







Limited Lifetime

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Rogue Kettlebells

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    After using and reviewing the Rogue Kettlebells for over three years, I do think they're the best value for most people. There are better kettlebells on the market, but with Rogue, you know you're going to get good quality and a great price on shipping. I do think the powder coating can get a bit uneven, and since these are imported, they're very similar to many of the competitors on the market like Rep Fitness and Fringe Sport. If you're looking for quality kettlebells at a great price, these are what we recommend to most people.