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MonkeyFeet, developed by Animalhouse Fitness, takes the old school, 80s-inspired ankle weights to a whole new level. This innovative design features a ratchet-based attachment for shoes designed to securely hold a standard dumbbell. Simply fold, clamp, and ratchet the dumbbell securely below the heel which maximizes comfort. 

Capable of supporting up to 160 pounds in weight, MonkeyFeet allow you to work your legs in ways you would otherwise not be able to, opening up dozens of leg and core training movements. They are versatile, portable, space-saving, and lightweight making it easy to train anywhere.

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Pros & Cons

What we like ...
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Cushioned forefoot
  • Fit securely
  • These seem to be the easiest way to secure a dumbbell to your foot
  • Provide a way to work legs typically reserved for machines
What needs improvement ...
  • Not as smooth or efficient as a machine (i.e. leg extension)
  • Can feel awkward at first
  • Weight you can attach is limited

Product Summary

Being able to save space and money is of high-priority for many home gym owners. Enter MonkeyFeet. MonkeyFeet, developed by Animalhouse Fitness, is a patented, ratchet-based shoe attachment designed to securely hold a standard dumbbell weighing up to 160 pounds. This unique design is the only method to-date that allows athletes to lift dumbbells with their feet just as they would with their hands. In doing so, it opens the door to dozens of leg and core training movements usually reserved for machines. 

Weighing only 1.2 pounds each, MonkeyFeet are constructed from quality materials designed to last. They work interchangeably on both the left and right foot and are easily adjusted for different users. There are a select few reviews who reported that MonkeyFeet did not accommodate their shoe size but they do work for the vast majority of the population. These are easy to put on and feature a crank similar to one you’d find on a ski boot to tighten or loosen the fit.

The engineers really put a lot of thought into the details of this design. The MonkeyFeet forefoot is cushioned for comfort, has a rubber grip on the bottom to prevent slipping, and is constructed in a way that prevents the actual item from hitting the floor. Instead, if contact is made, it happens between the dumbbell and other surfaces. 

The convenience of MonkeyFeet is great. They’re small and lightweight but provide access to a plethora of exercises. Leg extensions, high knees, hip flexor raises, hamstring curls, hanging leg lifts, windshield wipers, hollow body holds, and dead bugs are just a few of the movements athletes can do with MonkeyFeet.  While these do not feel as smooth and ergonomic as machines (think leg extension machine, leg curl machine, etc.), they do save an astounding amount of space (and money) and still allow you to work the same muscles. 

Sold as singles but suitable for both feet, MonkeyFeet may feel a bit wonky at first and do take some getting used to. That said, they are incredibly secure and made with convenience in mind. Simply fold, clamp, and ratchet to secure the dumbbell and start moving.



1.2 lbs


Fits most shoe sizes, up to men’s US 14


Ratchet-style clamp, sold as singles, can fit right and left foot

Weight Capacity

Up to 160 lbs



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      MonkeyFeet are an effective way to securely attach weight to your feet allowing you to do a wide variety of exercises. They are an affordable and potentially worthwhile purchase of at-home training equipment.