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This bar is our IPF spec, multi purpose, power bar. It I a 29mm bar, with aggressive but not overly sharp knurl, and standard powerlifting markings.

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Made in USA

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Pros & Cons

What we like about the product...

  1. The New Gen Power Bar from Kabuki Strength and Chris Duffin is the strongest barbell currently on the market.
  2. Tensile Strength of at least 250K PSI and a Rockwell Hardness of 51 RC, the knurling on this bar will likely never wear down.
  3. Utilizing a volcano style knurl that is finer than other power bars creates a knurl that has more points per square inch which increases the surface area for friction to be created. AKA, it sticks extremely well but doesn't rip the skin.
  4. The center knurl on the bar has two knurl marks to allow for alignment when setting up under the bar.
  5. Made in the USA of US-sourced steel in Portland, Oregon.
  6. 5 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defect.
  7. Available in Zinc, Black Oxide, and Nickel finishes (we prefer the Nickel finish if you have the money to spend.)
  8. Built to IPF specs.
  9. 20KG and 29MM allow the bar to follow the industry standard.
  10. Due to the 29MM shaft and extremely high tensile strength, this bar is extremely stiff during squats.
  11. Utilizes a bronze bushing rotation system that will last for as long as you own the bar.

What needs improvement...

  1. As with most Kabuki products, the New Gen Power Bar is expensive. However, it's also quite likely the best.

Product Summary & Specs

This bar is our IPF spec, multi purpose, power bar. It I a 29mm bar, with aggressive but not overly sharp knurl, and standard powerlifting markings.

What is it about our new generation bars that sets them apart? With a tensile strength of over 250k PSI and a rockwell hardness of 51 RC, this bar is harder than any other currently bar on market. What this means in practical terms is that the knurl won’t wear down over the years, leaving you with a bar that is performing sub par compared to when it was new. Even where the bar contacts the rack it will maintain that fine, tacky, aggressive knurl just like the day it was unboxed.

The knurl itself is the other piece of engineering that went into this bar this bar that we are proud of. We wanted to create something that grabbed well but wasn’t so unnecessarily sharp that it cut your hands rather than grabbing. The knurl of our bar is finer than most barbells you will find, giving the knurl more points per square inch and creating more surface area to create friction against.

Lastly, another small feature to differentiate our bar is the center marks in the knurl. We wanted to leave the power bar with a continuous center knurl so as to not lose any of the grip effects for squatting, but still have marking to indicate the bars center for alignment purposes.

We fully stand behind our product and believe in it wholeheartedly, which is why each bar comes with a 5 year warranty against any type of manufacturing defect. What this means is if your bar begins to wear prematurely, we will repair or replace it free of charge. While our bar does have a higher tensile strength – what this doesn’t mean is that we will warranty against customer induced damage such as dropping the bar into metal safety pins. Depending on many variables such as the height and weight used this is just simply too much force into one area of the bar to not cause permanent deformation.

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Bar Weight

20 KG





Center Knurl


Knurl Marks


Shaft Coating


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Loadable Sleeve Length


Sleeve Coating




Tensile Strength

250,000 PSI

Made In USA


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Kabuki Strength New Generation Power Bar
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    The Bottom Line

    After testing and reviewing the Kabuki New Gen Power Bar for over a year, we can confidently say it's one of the best and most used barbells in our arsenal. Featuring the highest tensile strength of any bar on the market along with details only an elite-level powerlifter would consider, the Kabuki New Gen Power Bar is a work of art. If you have the cash and want arguably the best power bar money can buy, this is the one.

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