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  • Low-impact shock absorbing belt
  • Incredibly sturdy and durable
  • Built-in wheels for portability
  • 100% athlete-powered
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Pros & Cons

What we like about the product...

  1. The AssaultRunner Pro is one of the most popular non-motorized treadmills among home gym owners that's currently on the market.
  2. We've used the AssaultRunner Pro for over 6 months, side by side with many of the other popular options like TrueForm, Woodway, Technogym, and others. Although the Assault Runner isn't the best, it's one of the best values.
  3. Despite using the AssaultRunner Pro for 6 months, it still looks as good as it did on day one (albeit with some chalk on the belt from metcons.) However, more than that, we've spoken to a few CrossFit Affiliate owners to get their opinion and none of them shared any issues unlike what they've had with their Assault Bikes.
  4. One of the reasons for the AssaultRunner's great durability despite being in one of the most fragile categories for fitness equipment (treadmills) is that it has no motor. It's completely self-propelled which leads to much fewer maintenance issues.
  5. The AssaultRunner's monitor is one of my favorite on any motorless treadmill. It shows the metrics that matter and is easy to use. It's much better than TrueForm's although it's still not at the level of what Concept 2 has with their Performance Monitor on their rowers and bikes.
  6. The belt on the AssaultRunner is made of thick rubber that is extremely durable and provides good traction underfoot.
  7. The belt rides on hundreds of Abec bearings which is why it feels so smooth.
  8. Due to the weight of the treadmill, it's very stable while running. This is a big plus as cheaper treadmills are often very light and shift while running.
  9. There's a handle on the back of the Runner that makes moving it easier while using the wheels located on the front. It is heavy and pretty large, but moving it shouldn't be a problem for most home gym owners.
  10. If you plan on putting the Runner in a garage gym, it will hold up well due to it being mainly made of plastic and powder-coated metal.
  11. The price of the Air Runner makes it one of the most affordable non-motorized treadmills available.
  12. The Air Runner from Assault has been used the last four CrossFit Games seasons and is a favorite among CrossFit athletes.

What needs improvement...

  1. The Air Runner uses a heavier than usual belt which leads to a faster spin rate. This causes the trainee to run faster than what is typical making it unlike road running. I do think it's superior to motorized treadmills, but because it spins faster, it's not as close as something like a TrueForm Runner.
  2. The plastic shell is prone to cracking. This is cosmetic, but you should be aware.
  3. The entire unit is imported. To some that matters, others it's not a big deal.
  4. Changing from a full out sprint to walking takes more time due to the weight of the belt causing an artificially high spin rate. So, it is possible to get thrown off if you're not paying attention.

Product Summary & Specs

The AssaultRunner Pro is a popular piece of equipment among CrossFit athletes, but it can also be used for the novice athlete to anyone who just likes to go for a run. It is a non-motorized treadmill that is completely powered by the output of the athlete. In other words, to get the belt started, you have to start running on it. The AssaultRunner Pro’s curved design enables the athlete to run with proper running form and technique, which reduces the risk of injury.   

This treadmill comes equipped with built-in wheels in the front and a handle on the back making it easily portable.  The steel handrails on each side of the Runner do come in handy especially for those who are new to running on a treadmill built to move based off of a person’s power output.  The belt that is used on the Assault Runner is heavier causing it to spin faster than what it would feel like if you were running on a road. 

This is a sturdy machine, made with a lot of steel for increased durability. Lastly, the AssaultRunner Pro includes a UV-resistant console.  The digital console keeps track of your time, calories, speed, distance, watts, and pace.  


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AssaultRunner Pro
Rated 2.25 out of 5 stars
8 ratings
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    8 reviews for AssaultRunner Pro

    The Bottom Line

    The AssaultRunner Pro is one of the best value non-motorized treadmills for home gyms on the market. After using it and reviewing it for over 6 months, I don't think it's as good as the TrueForm or Woodway Curve, however, it's offered at a tremendous value when the price point is considered. If you want a treadmill, I'd highly recommend a motorless treadmill and if you're on a budget, either this or the TrueForm Trainer are your best options. The biggest issue with the Assault Runner is that it feels quite a bit different from road running, however, many like the feeling and actually prefer it.

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