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Crain’s Okie Deadlift Bar Review

Do you want to be taken down a rabbit hole? Start searching for which barbell to buy. I cannot believe the explosion of manufacturers producing barbells today, and I'm sure I've played at least a small part in it. Today, however, I'm going to be reviewing one of the oldest …

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American Barbell Cerakote Mammoth Bar Review

Where to Purchase: American Barbell American Barbell continues to innovate. The first bar I used made by American Barbell was the Training Bar. I dubbed it the Rogue 2.0 Bar Killer. That bar, however, was a multi-purpose bar. It had a nice 28.5 mm shaft with dual knurl marks and a …

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Vulcan Standard Olympic Bushing Barbell Review

Where to Purchase: Vulcan Strength Vulcan is probably one of the most underrated fitness equipment companies on the market today. They're truly making some absolutely killer equipment. (see my review of their kettlebells here) Today, I'm going to be reviewing Vulcan's Standard Olympic Bushing Barbell and let you know whether …

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Rep Fitness Gladiator Olympic Bearing Bar Review

Where to Purchase: Rep Fitness I love a good barbell. And the reality of today's fitness market is that there are a lot available. One thing however that isn't available as much is a solid Bearing Bar that is economically priced. Now there's a few things that make up the …

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American Barbell Training Bar Review

The almighty barbell. Many companies strive to produce a bar of utmost quality. However, in my experience the majority of companies producing bars that are available on the market today are looking to do no more than pocket your hard earned benjamins, and leave you with a sub par bar that you will eventually replace. …

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The Definitive Barbell Guide

The almighty olympic barbell. For generations, men and women of all ages have stared in bewilderment of this 7 foot long metal pole. What a novel idea it was to make a metal pole with sleeves on either side that you could place weight on to hoist in all sorts …

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General Purpose Barbell Guide

The General Purpose Barbell is the barbell for anybody at anytime. If you're going to buy one bar, this is probably the bar you should buy. You can deadlift, squat, clean, jerk, snatch, curl (yes, you should curl barbells), press, and throw if you want to. For the majority of …

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The Definitive Rogue Ohio Bar Review

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness There aren't many better all around barbells than the Rogue Ohio Bar. You can snatch with it, clean with it, squat with it, bench with it, row with it, basically any movement you can think of, the Rogue Ohio Bar will be a trusty companion. Is …

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Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar Review

The greatest barbell to ever grace the strength world is now in my garage. The Eleiko Olympic WL Bar is the bar I’m referring to. Sure, it’s debatable as to which bar exactly stands atop Mount Olympus as THE BAR. However, it is without a doubt one of the greatest …

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