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Power Racks

Rep HR-5000 Half Rack

Rep Fitness

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  • The Rep HR-5000 is the best rack that Rep Fitness has released to date and competes with the top racks from companies like Rogue and Sorinex.
  • The inherent nature of the open design that exists with a half rack makes it easy to use as well as versatile.
  • The uprights of the HR-5000 are 3”x3”, 11-gauge steel that can take any weight you plan to lift without issues.
  • The bolts used are oversized 1-inch bolts that are definitely overkill, but look awesome.
  • The holes are laser-cut instead of punched which leads to a stronger overall rack.
  • There are laser-cut hole numbers every 5 holes on the uprights. We love this idea as it cuts costs, but gets the effect desired.
  • There are four different colors available including black, red, blue, and silver. All pop and look great in any garage gym.
  • The rack comes standard with a multi-grip pull-up bar, sandwich j-cups, and spotter arms.
  • Band pegs and weight pegs come standard with the rack and are chrome plated to prevent chipping and ease of use.
  • The outside width of the rack is 47” which makes re-racking the bar easier than the 49” width on the Rogue Monster and Monster Lite Racks.
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  • Despite being imported, the HR-5000 is still quite expensive and only cheaper than the competitor Rogue Monster Collegiate Half Rack when all of the accessories are considered.
  • Rep Fitness is still dialing in shipping as evidenced by one user who said, “Rack arrived and about 85% of the pieces arrived with some form of damage. I’m sure it was mostly due to the shipping company however. Called at first was only offered a refund of half my shipping amount. But after talking more to Rep about how I wasn’t satisfied with what I received, we decided to replace some of the parts and receive a gift card for my troubles.”
  • The arch logo on the rack features a weird bolted design that looks cheap compared to the rest of the rack.
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    The HR-5000 Half Rack from Rep Fitness is one of the best half racks on the market. Thanks to its flat feet, it can rest just about anywhere, yet still offer the stability and versatility of a full on power rack. The price is substantial, but the rack is well done with a lot of features. We recommend the HR-5000 for anyone that wants a high-end rack at a good price. If you plan to use the rack in a commercial setting, check out the double-sided add-on.

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    starstarstarstarstar_border Great rack!, not so great shipping

    May 9, 2019

    Short and sweet, the rack is fantastic. Good and even welds. Even finish powder coat. Tons of standard upgrades. Overall a great rack. Only complaint is shipping has been a nightmare. Originally came with about 85% of the items damaged in some way or another. Not reps fault but they did hire this shipping company so I hold them accountable still. The sent out replacements that took about 8-9 days to arrive. Great rack overall for the price!!!
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    More about Rep HR-5000 Half Rack

    Video Review

    The Rep HR-5000 half rack is a high-end, no compromises rack. Ideal for training clients in a commercial facility, athletes in a strength and conditioning facility, or as a centerpiece in your home gym.

    Total Dimensions: 58" (w) x 56" (d) x 93" (h) - the dual side add-on adds an additional 43" in depth for a total of 99". HR-5000 weighs over 400lbs, dual side add-on brings total weight over 700lbs. 

    Rated to 1,500 Pounds


    • 3x3" 11 gauge steel with 1" diameter holes on entire upright, increasing compatibility for attachments (exact tube steel dims are 2.95" x 2.95"). 
    • Laser cut numbers on every other hole for ease of lining up attachments.
    • Multi-grip pull-up bar with neutral, angled, 2" fat bar, and 1.25" standard all included
    • Dual-Lock Sandwich J-Cups. A double wraparound design increases strength and stability for even more peace of mind. UHMW liners to protect your barbell's knurl, as well as UHMW inner liners to protect the upright paint.
    • Dual-Lock Spotter Arms. Each spotter arm has a layer of UHMW for protecting your bar's knurl as well as inner liners for protecting the upright paint. Laser cut numbered holes for future attachment compatibility.
    • Band pegs on both the top and bottom for creative uses of bands.
    • Weight horns in both 6" and 12" lengths for plate storage
    • Double-sided logo cross-member for extra rigidity, and immediate compatibility for dual-sided half-rack add-on
    • Multiple color options in premium black metallic, silver metallic, red hammertone, and blue hammertone powder coat.

    Additional feature: 47" outside-to-outside width which allows plenty of room for re-racking the bar without hitting plates on the uprights, which is a common problem on competitors' 3x3 racks.

    For Dual Sided option: purchase the HR-5000 rack plus the Add-on. The Add-on bolts onto the weight storage to double the rack/pull-up portion but not the storage. 


    Made in USA




    Hardware Size


    Westside Hole Spacing


    Steel Notes

    3"x3" 11-Gauge Steel

    Laser Cut Numbers


    Pull Up Bar


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