Rogue PRO Weighted Jump Rope

Product image of the Rogue Pro weighted jump rope
Product image of the Rogue Pro weighted jump rope
Product image of the Rogue Pro weighted jump rope stainless steel handles
Product image of the Rogue SR-1 speed jump rope compared to the Rogue Pro weighted jump rope

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The Rogue PRO is a weighted jump rope from Rogue Fitness. It has heavy (1 pound each) stainless steel handles and thicker coated cable than you see in speed ropes. 

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Pros & Cons

What we like about the product...

  1. Stainless steel handles will resist corrosion
  2. Great for building endurance and stamina
  3. Bearing rope with 360-degree swivel in the handles

What needs improvement...

  1. Takes a lot of getting used to coming from a speed rope
  2. Thick rope is hard to pack up
  3. Not adjustable (but comes in five lengths)

Product Summary & Specs

If you want to up the ante on your double-unders by increasing your stamina, the Rogue PRO weighted jump rope is a good way to do so. This rope features thick (25 millimeters), heavy, stainless steel handles—most of the weight lies in the handles versus the cable, like in other weighted jump ropes. 

The Rogue PRO jump rope has a plastic-coated cable that is 5.5 millimeters in diameter. This is about twice the thickness of Rogue Fitness’ SR (speed rope) series, all of which have cables of about 2.4 millimeters. 

Even double-under pros may only be able to get a few good reps in with this jump rope before resorting to single-unders. But that’s okay—this rope is built for endurance and strength training, not speed. By implementing the Rogue PRO jump rope into your weekly training, speed ropes will feel light as a feather.

Rope length

95" to 115" (5 sizes)



Rope material

Plastic-coated cable

Rope diameter




Handle shape

Cylindrical, tapered

Handle knurling


Handle length

5.95 in

Handle material

Stainless steel

Handle width


Product weight

2.5 lb

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Rogue PRO Weighted Jump Rope
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    The Bottom Line

    The Rogue PRO weighted jump rope is a good option for people looking to train endurance.