Rogue Fleck Bumper Plates

Rogue Fleck Bumper Plates
Rogue Fleck Bumper Plates
Rogue Fleck Bumper Plates


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Rogue’s 90 durometer LB Fleck Plates are equipped with a 304 stainless steel hub insert (50.4mm diameter) and held to a strict +/- 1% weight tolerance standard.


Pros & Cons

What we like about the product...

  1. The Rogue Fleck Plates are Rogue Fitness latest bumper plate offering that features a higher durometer rubber that combines black and the appropriate color depending on the weight in a sweet looking plate.
  2. The stand out feature of the plates is the color. These are similar in look to the Vulcan Alpha Bumpers and the FringeSport Savage Bumper Plates. In fact, they look so similar to the Vulcan Alpha Bumpers that the owner of Vulcan Strength was upset we even posted about them.
  3. Shore A Durometer Rating of 90 makes for a pretty hard bumper plate with a low bounce. For comparison, the Rogue Competition Bumper Plates have a Durometer Rating of 94 which isn't that much harder of a rubber.
  4. The hub insert is made of 304 stainless steel which means it should prevent rust from forming over time. The hole opening is 50.4MM in diameter which makes inserting just about any barbell sleeve a nice fit.
  5. The weight tolerance of the plates is +/- 1% of the stated weight. This means that if they're over or under this mark, Rogue will replace them for free. This is a pretty tight range compared to much of the competition.
  6. 2-year warranty.
  7. Honestly, plates like these are great for general training and CrossFit type workouts. If you're powerlifting, we'd suggest looking at a slimmer plate. They would also work for Olympic Weightlifting, but most Oly lifters prefer competition plates.
  8. The plates are available in 10LB, 15LB, 25LB, 35LB, 45LB, and even 55LB weight increments. 55LB isn't often included in this style of bumper plate.
  9. These are great for dropping after clean and jerks and snatches as well as for slower lifts like squats and bench press.

What needs improvement...

  1. Although Rogue manufactures most of its equipment in the USA, these bumper plates are not. In fact, the only bumper plates that are, and this is pretty much industry-wide, are Hi-Temp Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates and Sorinex Bosco Bumpers which are made by a company called Fluorotek.
  2. Although bearing a very close resemblance to the Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates, we've been told that Alpha Bumper plates are the only plates formulated with a unique rubber compound designed for indoor and outdoor use. We asked for proof, didn't receive any, but nonetheless feel it worthwhile to share.

Product Summary & Specs

Rogue’s 90 durometer LB Fleck Plates are equipped with a 304 stainless steel hub insert (50.4mm diameter) and held to a strict +/- 1% weight tolerance standard. Built for long-term durability and minimal bounce on the drop, these quality bumpers also include a new black + color fleck finish—- a nice change-up from traditional full color plates that still offers easy plate weight identification from a distance.

All Rogue Fleck Plates are the same 450mm in diameter, and can be ordered in individual pairs of full sets (see the order menu for options). Backed by a 24-month warranty.

Plate Breakdown: Weight, Color & Width

  • 10LB – Black & Grey, 0.85”
  • 15LB – Black & White, 1.2”
  • 25LB – Black & Green, 1.6”
  • 35LB – Black & Yellow, 2.08”
  • 45LB – Black & Blue, 2.76”
  • 55LB – Black & Red, 3.02”




Made In USA


Weight Tolerance

+/- 1%

Collar Opening


Insert Type

Stainless Steel

10LB Plate Width


15LB Plate Width


25LB Plate Width


35LB Plate Width


45LB Plate Width


55LB Plate Width


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Rogue Fleck Bumper Plates
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    4 reviews for Rogue Fleck Bumper Plates

    The Bottom Line

    The Rogue Fleck Bumper Plates combine colored flakes with a high durometer virgin rubber to make, quite possibly, Rogues best standard bumper plate style. In our review, we've found that not only are the Fleck Bumper Plates cheaper than Rogues flagship black bumper plate, the Rogue HG 2.0 Bumpers, but also have a higher durometer. If you want this style of bumper due to the price, but would like to be able to easily identify the weight increment by the color, these are a fantastic value. Honestly, we would suggest these most of all from Rogue's offerings for standard bumper plates, then the Echo Bumpers, and then the HG 2.0's.

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