Hi-Temp Bumper Plates

Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
Hi-Temp Bumper Plates

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  • Made in the USA
  • Highly recommended by gym owners and goers
  • Can purchase in pairs or full set
  • Collar is inset from the plane
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Made in USA

Pros & Cons

What we like ...
  • We have absolutely used and abused the set of Hi-Temp Bumper Plates we have and although they're not perfect, for high usage gyms, Hi-Temps are hard to beat (there's a reason so many CrossFit Affiliate Gyms use them.)
  • Hi-Temps are made with recycled crumb rubber from used tires which are then heated up and compressed in a mold. This is what causes them to be so affordable, but also why they bounce more than most bumper plates.
  • Although Hi-Temps work fine indoors, the reason we like crumb rubber plates is so we can take them out onto the driveway when the weather's nice. Training outside is one of the best benefits afforded with a home gym.
  • Hi-Temps are guaranteed to be within +/- 0.5 LB of the claimed weight. This is a pretty wide range but at least there's a guarantee.
  • The 2" insert on the plates is made of stainless steel that will prevent rust from forming.
  • In comparing price, these are some of the best value bumper plates on the market; especially when you consider the durability. Although we've used them a lot, there are many others who have put even more abuse on them. An old CrossFit gym I used to attend had them for nearly a decade with only a few 10 LB plates biting the dust.
What needs improvement ...
  • The biggest complaint people have with Hi-Temps is that their diameter is smaller than IWF Standard bumper plates. At 445MM, although only 5MM smaller, it makes it difficult to use other plates on the bar as well.
  • Due to the way the plates are molded, Hi-Temps are notorious for having their center stainless steel hub popping out when people drop a bar with only 10 LB plates loaded.
  • These are much wider than your average plates. At a width of 3.75" for a 45 LB plate, that's over a 1.5" wider than a competition bumper plate. This means you can typically only fit 405 LB on a barbell when doing deadlifts or squats, which definitely limits powerlifters and very strong Olympic Weightlifters.
  • Although still functional, our plates look pretty beat up and ugly. They are retired automotive tires so it is a bit expected.
  • Due to how they're molded, Hi-Temps do sometimes have defects that don't get discovered until they get to the customer. However, most companies like Rogue Fitness and Fringe Sport will fix the issue.

Product Summary

Hi-Temp Bumper Plates have been made in Tuscumbia, Alabama, for over a decade. This makes them one of the few American-made weightlifting plates still around. 

Unlike iron plates or the poor construction of many imported bumpers, Hi-Temp Bumpers are hard to crack. They are made of recycled vulcanized rubber and have a 2-inch stainless steel insert. As one could expect, the manufacturing process can sometimes cause aesthetic blemishes. Regardless, you will find that these quality plates still perform to your expectations.

These bumper plates also stand out because the collar is inset from the plate. This means better protection when you load multiple plates. This design also reduces the risk of inserts getting impacted or coming out.

Hi-Temp Bumpers are 445 millimeters in diameter and within .5 pounds of the claimed weight, give or take. You can order these plates in pairs (10-pound, 15-pound, 25-pound, 35-pound, or 45-pound), or in a full set option where combined weight ranges from 160 pounds to 1,000 pounds. 





10-lb-pair, 15-lb-pair, 25-lb-pair, 35-lb-pair, 45-lb-pair



Made In USA


Weight Tolerance

+/- 0.5LB

Insert Type

Stainless Steel

10LB Plate Width


15LB Plate Width


25LB Plate Width


35LB Plate Width


45LB Plate Width



1 Year Warranty

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Hi-Temp Bumper Plates

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    Hi-Temps Bumper Plates are the most durable bumper plates we've tested and reviewed. Not only have they stood for the abuse we've placed on them, but CrossFit Boxes the world over have done some truly awful things to Hi-Temps and really the only issue is that the insert pops out. We do prefer other types of bumper plates for most people due to how thick Hi-Temps are, but it's hard to argue against their durability. We recommend Hi-Temps for those with high volume gyms or who like the look. Most home gyms are better off with other options, however.