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Walking and Jogging Backwards on the Treadmill: Is It Safe?

Walking and jogging backwards on the treadmill is not only safe, but it can be beneficial to your joints, increases muscle strength, and improves coordination.

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How to Use a Fitness Log to Track Your Workouts 

A fitness log is a valuable tool to track your fitness journey. Use it to achieve goals big to small! Here’s how to use one (plus an example you can print).

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Indoor Triathlon Training: Yes, It’s Possible!

Indoor triathlon training is a great way to stay fit all year long. Here's what you need to know about gear, plus three indoor training plans to get you started.

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Interested in Running 5K Every Day? What You Should Know

Many of us live sedentary lifestyles, spending hours in front of the computer and in the car commuting. It’s more important than ever to move our bodies whenever possible. Running 5K every day may be just the challenge you need to get moving, stay moving, and get healthy.Running is an approachable physical activity that requires minimal equipment, and you don’t need an expensive personal trainer or gym membership. And whether you run long-distance or short,  » Read more about: Interested in Running 5K Every Day? What You Should Know  »

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