Vulcan Prime Adjustable Bench

Vulcan Prime Adjustable Bench
Vulcan Prime Adjustable Bench
Vulcan Prime Adjustable Bench
Vulcan Prime Adjustable Bench
Vulcan Prime Adjustable Bench


4.6 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings
Based on 10 Ratings

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The Vulcan Prime Adjustable bench is not well built. It is overbuilt.

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Product Summary

The Vulcan Prime Adjustable bench is not well built. It is overbuilt. This bench can be used in any training environment and will not need to be babied or pampered in your gym. heavy gauge steel plus minimal moving parts equal durability.

What makes this bench better?
Sorry, no gimmicks here. The most prevailing issue with any incline bench is not seat material, it’s not the gap between the pad, it’s simply the lack of adjustments in the incline position. Who has done incline presses or military presses and just could not get the right angle to keep the focus of the exercise on the chest and not shoulders? Please raise your hand if you still have the shoulder mobility and functioning rotator cuff to do so. Everyone has felt this and this is one of the main reasons why many will not or cannot do incline presses or military presses.

We solved the problem of limited adjustability with the Vulcan Prime Adjustable bench. Featuring 12 position of adjustability for the upper bench pad and 3 positions of the seat pad will let you find your groove.

Why is the bench pad tapered? The Vulcan Prime Adjustable Bench also features a tapered pad, that is wider at the bottom than at the top. This helps to stabilize the trunk and hips when benching and helps to prevent twisting/torsion of the spine that can cause injury and further increase strength imbalances. With a more stable trunk, the lifter is able to generate more force thus increasing the amount of weight lifted, strength, and hypertrophy if so desired.

What is so special about this grippy material used for the bench Pad
Most benches utilize a hard somewhat slippery vinyl. The problem with this is…well, it’s hard and slippery! And that just might not be the best idea when you are sweating and lifting heavy objects over your face. The Vulcan Prime uses a grippy and breathable textile, that is firm yet will allow you the movement needed to retract the scapula and “lock” into the bench. Once you feel this material on your back you won’t want to go back to the typical commercial gym type upholstery.

  • Made to endure High School, College, and Military Gym training environments
  • 10″ to 12″ Pad width, 2.5″ Thickness with Coarse Vinyl Covering
  • No annoying, fragile, unstable adjustment pins. Just lift the back seats up to adjust or grab the adjustment arm to lower
  • Minimal moving small parts = minimal problems and maintenance
  • Ships Free to Contiguous USA Only
  • Actual logo on the bench is smaller
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and steel parts
    • 6-month warranty on upholstery
  • Bench Adjustability
    • 12 adjustment notches on the upper bench
      • Position 1: Upright 85° (considered 90°. If a bench is completely 90°, it will be almost impossible for most to accomplish a military press)
      • Position 2: 75°
      • Position 3: 65°
      • Position 4: 60°
      • Position 5: 55°
      • Position 6: 50°
      • Position 7: 40° (Zero gap in this position, pads will touch)
      • Position 8: 35°
      • Position 9: 30°
      • Position 10: 20°
      • Position 11: 10°
      • Position 12: 0°
    • 3 adjustment notches on the bench seat
      • Position 1: Flat
      • Position 2: 15°
      • Position 3: 30° (Zero Gap in this position, pads will touch)


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Adjustable Back Positions


Adjustable Seat Positions



Lifetime Warranty

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Vulcan Prime Adjustable Bench

GGR BuiltScore: 4.56/5
4.6 out of 5

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