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Manufacturer: Titan Fitness

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Without a doubt, there is no belt squat even close in comparison to the price of the Titan Fitness Belt Squat at the time of this writing. Nothing compares to it on price. I'm going to talk about the features and I'm going to go into as much depth as I can on this and I've been able to use it quite a bit, but it must first be said that for the price, nothing compares. One reason, outside of price that it's been so popular is because they take a design that's popular and time tested in the Wenning Belt Squat made it significantly cheaper. Now, does that mean this is the exact same thing as the Wenning Strength Belt Squat? No, it's not. But, it has many similarities, especially on its just overall design. Now is it as good as the Wenning Belt Squat? No, I'll talk about that in a little bit, but overall, from its basic design, five times less in cost as a Wenning Lever Belt Squat with a similar design. Now I want to talk about the build overall. Not from an engineering perspective, but I will say from a materials, powder coat finish, etc that this is one of the best products I've received from Titan Fitness.

We've reviewed more products from Titan Fitness than just about anybody else, and this is the best piece of equipment that they've come out with from just an overall construction, fit and finish perspective. The powder coating is the best powder coating I've seen from Titan. It's much rougher than their typical powder coat where it used to be kind of like paint basically. It's now somewhat similar to Rogue's textured powder coat in the grit that's used. The welds are also much cleaner and consistent than we typically see. The diamond plate surface on the top is thick and honestly just looks great. I was thinking it would be extremely thin, but it's actually a really nice piece of thick-cut of diamond plate.

Also, the packaging that we received, it was the best I've seen yet. It was shipped freight on a pallet. I've never had anything shipped on a pallet from Titan, no matter how many racks I bought from them and they also saran wrapped and had corner edges and cardboard and extra packaging. I mean, without a doubt, this is the best-packaged fin finished product. Although overall, the fit and finish is pretty good, there are obviously some things that aren't the greatest value. So I said the powder coat was great and it is, but that doesn't mean it's great everywhere. In fact, on the top of the handle, when I opened the package, I noticed that there was already rust on it. There had been a part on the handle that had rusted and there was some overspray elsewhere.

Also on the platform when you fit all the pieces together and you start screwing them down because as you know with any Titan Fitness piece of equipment, there's a lot of bolts because they try to ship it as cheaply as possible. So when you try to put it all together, it ends up squeezing the frame of the platform that you're using, which then causes the fasteners that are keeping the diamond plate attached to the platform to pop off. They actually use permanent fasteners instead of allowing you to bolt it down. I would have liked to see them being able to bolt it down because now that fasteners are coming up, really the only thing I can do is superglue it or something like that, which I don't really want to do with a brand new piece of equipment.

Let's talk a little bit about the engineering and actually how it performs when you're using it. This style belt squat, no matter which one you choose, will have some forward pull. It's just the design of them because they're on an arc. It's attached to a fixed handle that's out in front of you. There's some arc, so there's going to be some pull forward on the belt squat. I think it's inevitable that it's going to happen unless you get like one of the cable systems like the Rogue Rhino because there's not a cable fixed right to the floor down between your legs and it's out in front of you.

There's going to be a forward lean whether you go with this one or the Sorinex J* Squat or the Wenning Belt Squat. Cable based systems like the Westside ATP and freestanding versions like the SquatMax-MD are just vastly superior to lever arms. The issue here though, and this is a big one is the lever arm, the arm that's in the middle that attaches to the belt squat is too short. This is without a doubt, the biggest problem with the Titan Belt Squat. The arm on the front is simply too short. The other issue that's caused by too short an arm is that it requires you to stand off the platform because you have to be so far up on the platform. In fact, the way that it feels best is your toes are actually off the platform when you're squatting. This leaves you with this huge platform, but because that arm is short it keeps you from having to be able to squat to depth sometimes for some people if you're far enough back, but it also requires you to be so far forward that your toes are off the platform.

So how can they improve this? Well, I think the most obvious suggestion is that they make the arm longer. But, one of the reasons they didn't do that is probably because they didn't want the arm hitting the floor before the plates or anything else did. Honestly, this is just one of the overarching issues with lever arm belt squats, and that is that the levers are too short and also there's also no cutout in the platform. If you look at the best lever belt that's available, the Matt Wenning Lever Belt Squat, it has a long arm and a cutout in the center of the floor so the arm can go down. This allows you to do more exercises because you're able to do things like one-arm rows and things like that much more easily, but you're also able to hit depth easier. Another issue is there's a rubber stopper, but due to its height, I don't even use it. It's too tall and reduces depth on squats.

Overall, the Titan Belt Squat is a good economical lever based belt squat that still has all of the inherent problems of lever belt squats. The V2 is better with and many use workarounds for the issues due to the price, but if you want something better and don't mind spending the money, we recommend the Rogue Rhino.


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