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Speed Strength

Run Rocket

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Run Rocket

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Item Description

Portable, weather resistant, and infinitely adjustable, the Run Rocket has helped redefine acceleration equipment for the modern athlete, providing natural resistance training for users of any size, discipline or skill level.

Compared to other resistance training devices—bungees, sleds, weighted vests, parachutes, etc.—the Run Rocket is precision built to mimic the genuine experience of free running; the resistance is linear and smooth, and merely amplified to help develop greater speed and explosiveness.

Each unit includes a 44LB flywheel, heavy-duty tires for all-surface transport, rubber feet for stability, and a solid metal frame with a durable black powder-coat finish. Dual pull points offer more versatility in training, and a Speed Belt is included standard with all orders.

How the Run Rocket Works:

  • 1. Choose your level of resistance using the convenient dial-in knob and digital display.
  • 2. Attach the tangle-resistant / smooth recoil cord to your belt / harness / core bar.
  • 3. Train freely and omni-directionally to develop greater power, speed and agility.

This design includes a lower roller and a higher quick attachment point for agility belts and taller athletes.

Just turn the knob to dial in your desired workout intensity – from light acceleration training to heavy push/pull.

When the exercise is complete, the unit SAFELY retracts the strap, without the dangerous whip-like pullback of some resistance units.


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Run Rocket


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