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Olympic Weightlifting Bars

Rogue Pyrros Bar - 28MM

Rogue Fitness



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check 9 reasons to buy
  • A stainless steel shaft, 200,000 PSI tensile strength shaft combined with chrome-plated sleeves and 10 quality needle bearings make this one of the most feature-rich, high-quality bars on the market.
  • A newly designed aggressive knurl that provides the perfect grip for Olympic lifters. In fact, 2 members of the USA National Weightlifting Team chose this specific knurl for competition.
  • The bar is IWF certified which only a small portion of barbells are.
  • More than one reviewer commented on the quieter, almost muted sound the barbell makes during the workout. When the weight is dropped on the floor there is very little clanging or bounce which points to tight tolerances.
  • Reviewers recommend this bar for snatches, clean and jerks, and squats as well, although we’d be wary of using it in the rack.
  • Manufactured in Columbus, OH at Rogue’s Campus.
  • Named after and co-developed with 3-time Olympic gold medalist and weightlifting legend Pyrros Dimas.
  • Most product reviews rave about the delivery and customer support provided by Rogue.
  • It would be difficult to find a more well-liked piece of equipment, based on Rogue website reviews, than what the Pyrros Bar receives. From top to bottom almost everyone says that this is the best bar they have ever used and there are very few cons to this barbell.
  • close 3 reasons not to buy
  • It is expensive and the quality is neither necessary or useful for the average lifter.
  • The knurl is fairly aggressive, and that’s not for everyone.
  • The Pyrros Bar has to be compared to the other top barbells in the world including the Eleiko WL Bar, Uesaka, DHS, and others.
  • reorder Summary
    The Pyrros Bar is the best Olympic Weightlifting Bar that Rogue offers. Its price reflects it’s quality and it should be compared to the many top options available before purchased. However, Rogue has other options that are both cheaper and still receive great reviews. If you are shopping on a budget, look somewhere else. If you’re a dedicated Olympic Weightlifter and want the best American made barbell, this is it.


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