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Power Bars

Rep Deep Knurl Power Bar EX

Rep Fitness

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check 10 reasons to buy
  • The Rep Power Bar EX is by far the best barbell we’ve reviewed and tested from Rep Fitness. Their goal with the bar is to compete with the Rogue Ohio Power Bar and we think they’ve done it.
  • Both the shaft and sleeve of the bar are made of stainless steel. This is one of the only fully stainless steel bars on the market.
  • Stainless steel has the highest corrosion resistance, meaning the bar is unlikely to experience rusting on the surface. This is ideal for garage gyms. Cerakote is up there as well, but we prefer the feeling of raw stainless steel.
  • The shaft of the bar is 29MM which has become the standard for powerlifting.
  • At 200K Tensile Strength, this bar will handle any weight you ever plan to lift.
  • The rotation system of the bar features bronze and steel bushings. The spin is as expected for a powerlifting bar. Not overly done or underdone. Just right.
  • The knurl is fine, but deep. We wouldn’t categorize it as sharp, but it is aggressive and feels most similar to the Kabuki New Gen Power Bar.
  • Rep Fitness is offering a Lifetime Warranty with the bar which we believe is something new with their bars.
  • The Power Bar EX comes standard with a center knurl and powerlifting knurl marks.
  • The end cap is extremely well done. It’s similar to high-end Olympic Weightlifting Bars that use a gel end cap. It looks great.
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  • At $379, the bar is a bit steep for an imported barbell, however, it’s also fully stainless.
  • We had one person reach out to us with a video that showed the knurling rubbing on the sleeve and preventing a smooth rotation. Rep Fitness offered to replace the bar free of charge. We did not have this experience.
  • The sleeves are smooth without any ribbing. We prefer a ribbed sleeve, others don’t, so this is largely personal preference.
  • reorder Summary
    With the Rep Deep Knurl Power Bar EX, Rep Fitness has brought as close to a competitor to the Rogue Ohio Power Bar as we’ve ever reviewed. Featuring a fine, yet aggressive knurling, a full stainless steel shaft and sleeve as well as bronze bushings, the Power Bar EX is truly an incredible bar. If you can stomach the price, don’t mind that it’s imported, and want the corrosion resistance of a stainless steel bar, we highly recommend this barbell. We were honestly blown away with its quality and will be updating our rundown articles to reflect the release of this bar.

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    More about Rep Deep Knurl Power Bar EX

    Video Review

    The REP stainless-steel deep knurl bar was designed with the experienced powerlifter in mind. This aggressive knurl pattern is cut deep into the uncoated stainless-steel shaft and kept sharp, providing you with a solid grip during your heaviest lifts. It is the combined effect of both the stainless steel and our deep cut knurl that gives you the best grip imaginable. 
    Unlike most stainless power bars, this bar is fully stainless steel, which includes both the shaft and the sleeves. Our stainless steel bar provides the best grip, and the end to end stainless steel ensures your barbell sleeves do not oxidize (rust) from repetitive sliding on and off of plates. This is because stainless steel provides the highest level of oxidation (rust) resistance compared to chrome or zinc-coated sleeves.

    The combination of everything from deep knurl to fully stainless steel, puts this barbell in a class of its own.


    • 29mm diameter.
    • Knurl Markings: Powerlifting - 32" between markings.
    • Knurl Depth: 75% deeper than any standard offering!
    • Tensile Strength: 200k
    • Bushing design with snap rings.
    • Shaft: Stainless Steel.
    • Sleeves: Stainless Steel.
    • Bushing design with snap rings for optimal Powerlifting performance.
    • Warranty: Lifetime*


    Bar Type

    Men's Bars

    Bar Use


    Bar Weight






    Center Knurl


    Knurl Marks


    Shaft Coating

    Stainless Steel

    Sleeve Coating

    Stainless Steel



    Tensile Strength

    200,000 PSI


    Lifetime Warranty

    Made in USA


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