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EliteFTS and Eleiko Garage Gym

by brenheff




Equipment List

Power Bars

Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Competition Bar, NxG 20KG


Olympic Weightlifting Bars

Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Bar, NxG 20KG Men


Kabuki Strength New Generation Power Bar


Deadlift Bars

Buddy Capps Texas Deadlift Bar


Multi Grip Bars

EliteFTS American Press Bar


Buffalo Bars

Kabuki Strength Duffalo Bar


Safety Squat Bars

EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar


Curl Bars

Eleiko Curl Bar


Trap Bars

Eleiko Öppen Deadlift Bar


Womens 15kg Barbells

Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Bar, NxG 15KG Women




Date Published


Date Built



I’ve been building this over the last year and a half. Mostly eliteFTS equipment and Eleiko bars and plates. Couple of kabuki specialty bars, ironmaster adjustable dumbbells as well as troy fixed dumbbells. I will update this post with more details and a complete listing of everything


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Wow, this is EPIC! Love the rack and matching bench!



Thanks, Coop. Here's (I think) the full list of stuff I have: Equipment: EliteFTS 3x3 Collegiate Power Rack w/ Dip Attachment EliteFTS Signature Competition Bench EliteFTS Chest Supported Row EliteFTS Sissy Squat EliteFTS Collegiate GHR (swapped in a split pad) EliteFTS Collegiate Box Squat Box EliteFTS Collegiate 0-90 Bench Dumbbells: Troy RUFDC-R Rubber Pro-Style Dumbbells (2.5lb increments from 5-20 then 5lb from 20-75) Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells (120lb kit) Bars: Kabuki Power Bar (Nickel) Kabuki Duffalo Bar (Nickel) Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Competition Bar Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Bar 20kg Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Bar 15kg Eleiko Curl Bar Eleiko Öppen Deadlift Bar (on order) Texas Deadlift Bar EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar EliteFTS American Press Bar Kabuki ShouldeRök Plates: Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Competition Discs (in kg: 25x14, 20x4, 15x4, 10x4, 5x4, 2.5x4, 1.25x4, 0.5x4, 0.25x4) Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Discs (bumpers in kg: 25x12, 20x4, 15x4, 10x4, 5x4, 2.5x4, 2x4, 1.5x4, 1x4, 0.5x4) 2 Eleiko Disc Racks for the bumpers Bunch of other older Eleiko rubber change plates Collars: Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Collars Eleiko IWF Powerlifting Competition Collars Kabuki Collars Lock-jaw Collars Other: Bunch of chains Bunch of bands Saftey Straps for the Rack Genesis Deadlift Jack

EliteFTS and Eleiko Garage Gym

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