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Titan Fitness Releases 9 Gauge X-2 Power Rack

Titan Fitness has taken one of their best-selling squat racks, the Titan T-2 and increased the thickness of the steel to 9 gauge and added features we've been asking for since the beginning. This is Titan Fitness' best squat rack yet!

Titan Fitness has come out with their most heavy-duty squat rack yet.

The Titan Fitness X-2 Power Rack may only have 2×2 uprights, but thanks to the thickness of the steel being 9 gauge compared to the traditional 11 gauge racks, the Titan X-2 Power rack can hold over 3,000 lbs making it one of the strongest rated racks on the market.

We reviewed the Titan T-3 in the past and have given great praise for being very similar to the Rogue R-3 at a much lower price.

The Titan X-2 features familiar features of many racks you've come to love including:

  • J-Cups (left and right-handed, one of our biggest complaints from their previous offerings.)
  • Fat and Skinny Pull-up Bar
  • 4 plate holders included
  • 4 band pegs
  • Westside hole spacing through the bench area
  • Side hole spacing for additional accessory points.

The Titan X-2 also comes in at a price point that blows many of its competitors out of the water. Typically, we suggest staying away from 2×2 racks, however, at this gauge steel, it's actually stronger than many of the 2×3 and 3×3 racks currently on the market. That said, due to the thinner posts, there may be a bit more sway, although Titan has beefed up all of their connection points at the pull-up bar and foot plates.

If you're looking for a squat rack that can take just about anything you can throw at it, at a price that can't be beaten, then this is an excellent option for a rack.

We continue to be impressed by Titan Fitness and are excited to review their upcoming offerings in more detail.

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