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New Rogue Echo Bar Released

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness Rogue Fitness has just released a brand new Echo Bar. This is the bar that I've suggested multiple times as a great option for CrossFit Affiliates or just the general population who doesn't want to drop a lot of money  on a bar. Specs: Made …

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Marc Pro Review

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness Recovery is ALMOST as important as training. The reason it's ALMOST as important is because if you aren't training, then you don't really have much to recover from. The more recovery has become studied and recognized for it's importance in building muscle, increasing strength, and simply making …

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Rogue Wheelbarrow Released!

  Rogue Wheel “Bear” Row Where to Purchase: Rogue Wheelbarrow The Rogue Wheelbarrow is an absolute beast! Leave it to Rogue to completely over-engineer a wheelbarrow and turn it into a CNS Fryer. Not only is it made to take on over 1200 lbs. of load, but the handles are …

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DIY Stall Bars

If you were to walk into any gym in the 1950's you would find stall bars.          They look like a completely vertical ladder made out of wood. When I first saw them I had no idea what they were for or why someone would have them in their gym. …

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CrossFit Affiliate Equipment Guide

So… You've decided to venture out on your own and start a CrossFit Affiliate. You think you have what it takes and don't mind living in a smelly gym, mopping floors, picking up equipment, and cleaning toilets. Oh, you also get to teach people how to become healthier and live …

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Lauren Fisher Nike Metcon

  Where to Buy: Rogue Fitness Lauren Fischer's Signature Nike Metcon has been released. For you ladies looking for a shoe designed for CrossFit training with you in mind, this looks like a great option. Here's the details: The MetCon 1 (short for “metabolic conditioning”) is Nike’s ultimate, all-purpose women’s …

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