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8th Day Performance Adjustable Plyo Box Review

The Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box from 8th Day Performance is one of the best overall plyo boxes available today. Combining lightweight materials in a unique and versatile design, 8th Day Performance has created a plyometric box that should become the new standard for home and commercial gyms. However, despite it having …

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Torque Fitness TANK Sled Review

The TANK Sled from Torque Fitness is the best all surface sled on the market today. Featuring magnetic resistance, heavy duty wheels, and an overbuilt body, there is no sled that can compare to the TANK. There are some things we'd like to see improved including a lower price, but …

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Kabuki Strength Duffalo Bar In-Depth Review

The Kabuki Strength Duffalo Bar was released by Chris Duffin out of nowhere. I was thankful to have the opportunity to review his first invention that was brought to market, the ever-popular ShouldeRok and was looking forward to putting his latest creation, the Duffalo Bar to the test. The Duffalo …

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LPG Muscle Tri-Bells Review

Where to Buy: LPG Muscle Man, there are some fun training toys out today. It seems like every year; companies are coming out with new and better ways of old training devices. The LPG Muscle Tri-Bells is no different. How many times have you gone up to a cable pulley …

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Nike Metcon 3 Updates (Colorways & Release Date!)

Where to Buy: Rogue Fitness The long awaited Nike Metcon 3's are dropping SOON! Not only are they dropping, but there are some other rumored training shoes that will be marketed to the CrossFit/Functional Fitness Community as well. This is all great news for fans of shoes like Metcons, Nanos, No …

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100+ CrossFit Wods for Hypertrophy

I love CrossFit. There's something about pushing your physical and mental limits in functional movements that will help you in the real world. I also love getting a pump. I see no reason to separate the two. Too often I see people create splits for hypertrophy training with a metcon following. …

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King Kong Bags Review

Where to Purchase: King Kong Apparel Gym bags are a dime a dozen. The market is simply saturated with bags to carry your crap from your home/work to the gym. The problem is, the majority of gym bags available today absolutely suck. I don't mind saying it because it's true. …

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430 LB. Squat

Training Session Number: 3 430 lb. PR Back Squat! Started off with Clean and Push Presses, went in to squats, and finished off with sprints involving my training partner ‘Famous Amos' Subscribe for more goodness! Stay Strong, Live Long,

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GymNext Flex Timer Review

I love Fitness. I also love technology. So, when I heard there was a gym timer that could be controlled by your smartphone, I was immediately intrigued. And that's exactly what GymNext has done in releasing the Flex Timer. Say goodbye to your broken and lost remotes, and say hello …

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