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RPM Fitness Speed Rope 2.0 Review


There are a million and one companies clamoring for your hard-earned dollars in purchasing their latest, greatest, fastest, qualitiest (not a word), and spinniest (again, not a word) jump rope on the market. I have a lot of jump ropes, too many in fact and I am going to review each an every one. For my first installment I am going to review the:

RPM Fitness Speed Rope 2.0

The Handles Come in a Variety of Colors, Gold Being my Favorite.


Although CrossFit Athletes don't seem to care what they look like, and are only about performance (yeah, right…) but you want your gear to look rad. Rad is the exact word I would describe the RPM Fitness Speed Rope 2.0 (from here on out referred to as RPM Jump Rope.)

You can only make two sticks of metal and a rope look so cool, but RPM has done a great job of combining anodized aluminum in eye-catching colors with a bare metal rope to create a very cool looking jump rope. RPM Fitness also gives you the option of having your name printed on the handle which looks pretty great and keeps somebody at the gym from stealing your rope “accidentally.”

Knurling Similar to a Barbell


Many who tryout the RPM Jump Rope will notice a feeling very familiar and that is the feeling of metal knurling. RPM uses a knurling that is similar to a barbell.

This allows your grip to really set in when combined with chalk, similar to a barbell. The handles are light in hand and the rope is a bare steel cable that does not feel good when it meets your bare skin. However the rope does whip through the air.

Complex Made Simple


The RPM Jump Rope is built out of quality materials. One way you can tell a good manufactured product from another is in the amount of parts. A complex design made simple is what sets apart the best manufactured products from the lot.

The construction of a jump rope may seem like an easy thing to get right, it's a rope and two handles, but when speed is the name of the game things get more complicated. The RPM Jump Rope combines a hollow anodized aluminum handle, with a top cap, and a plastic ball that cinches down on the bare steel cable to allow it to look and feel seamless.


The spin is not as I thought though. I was thinking it would spin quickly while holding the rope to test its spin like many of my other ropes that use bearings.

However, the RPM Jump Rope barely spun. At first, I thought how could they call this a speed rope, however when in use the RPM Jump Rope spins like a dream and if you can't string together many double-unders, its your fault, not the ropes. The bare steel cable works great on my rubber stall mats, but the cable will absolutely shred on concrete, so I advise to only use it on rubber gym flooring.

The Hollow Handle

Final Thoughts:

The RPM Jump Rope is excellent. Its high quality, looks great, and is highly functional. I will be using this rope I imagine for years to come.

Where to Purchase:

Rogue Fitness

RPM Fitness

Train On,



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