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Rogue Fitness Releases New Cerakote Barbells

Rogue has taken their best-selling barbells and coated them in one of the world's most corrosive resistant coating usually associated with firearms — Cerakote.

Rogue Fitness has come out with their most corrosive resistant barbell yet, the Rogue Cerakote Ohio Bar.

Cerakote is a coating typically used to protect firearms. It is known for its durability (claims of up to 70 times more durable than traditional coatings) as well as ability to come in all sorts of colors.

We actually reviewed one of the first barbells that had a Cerakote finish and that is the Mammoth Power Bar from American Barbell.

The Rogue Cerakote Bars will begin being released in as many colors as you can imagine including the olive drab that Rogue initially released and dubbed “The Operater Bar.”

Not only will the Rogue Bars be great for training, but they will also be an excellent option for gyms that want to set themselves apart through colors that match their gyms logo. I foresee these cropping up in CrossFit Affiliates across the country.

The Cerakote Bars have a higher list price than the traditional Ohio Bar, but then again they will resist corrosion and look pretty sweet as well.

If you train in a garage gym, especially in humid climates, this will likely be your best bet against rusty bars.

Rogue has also used this as an opportunity to brand their bars in a more showy fashion, something that has yet to be done in the strength industry. Although most people are usually against flashy branding, the Rogue logo is iconic at this point.

If you watched the 2017 CrossFit Games, you likely saw the bars being used on the floor, and you will likely see them in gyms across the country soon.

Be on the lookout for our full review soon!

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