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Rep Fitness Adjustable & Flat Bench REVIEW!

Where to Purchase: Rep Fitness

Is there anything better than a nice chest pump?

I mean, there's a reason Arnold once referred to “da pump” as being as good as an orgasm.

In a garage gym, space is limited so having dedicated flat and incline benches simply isn't a reality.

Now, there are a lot of great adjustable benches available today, including this bad boy from Rogue, the problem, however, is the cost. Not only that, but you can't even decline on that bench.

So, in my search for the ultimate VALUE (value meaning best price to features/quality ratio) adjustable bench, I've come to the Rep Fitness FID Adjustable Bench.

Let's see how she performs…

Pros: Rep Fitness has brought one of the best value adjustable benches anywhere. With 7 positions including decline, as well as a sub $300 price point, this bench isn't playing around.

Cons: Due to the price point, the bench doesn't have the nicest fit and finish, although it performs well. Some minor things like the wheels and adjustments could be made better and smoother.

Bottom Line: The Rep Fitness FID Adjustable Bench is one of the best adjustable benches for the price. Period.

Rep Fitness FID Bench Review Long


Now, I'd like to start off with the looks simply because they do matter.

Although I don't think you should buy a piece of gym equipment on looks alone, whenever Benjamins are leaving my pocket, I want them to go to something nice.

I've used many different benches over the years, including a number of adjustable benches, and boy have I had some ugly ones.

You see, before companies started powder-coating their equipment black (PRAISE!!!) just about everything was white unless you went the custom route.

Now, although white looks menacing after it's been sitting in a dungeon for ten years with rust spots throughout, there's just something so satisfying about an all black powder coated gym.

So, for you who have a bunch of Rogue Equipment or simply like black powder coating–fear not, because this bench fits in nicely.

Nothing about the looks of the bench appear to be cheap, which I'll get to in a moment, and the size is as you would want; compact.


side view

Rep Fitness isn't a super well-known brand.

In fact, they're a somewhat smaller functional fitness equipment company that imports equipment from overseas and customizes and rebrands them to distinguish their products.

Now ordinarily, I hate imported equipment. Granted it's cheap, but in the majority of cases, you get what you pay for. It's a simple fact of life.

Although I've reviewed equipment for Rep Fitness in the past, and given them pretty high praise (see Rep Fitness Gladiator Bar) I still wasn't too sure how this bench would be constructed.

I mean, it retails for under $300.

However, to my delightful surprise, overall, this thing is a BEAST.


The FID Adjustable Bench is constructed through both welded and bolt-together methods. It ships mostly assembled and is very easy to put together.

The top is some sort of synthetic leather which I'm not a huge fan of, but for the price, it's to be expected.

The bench padding is comfortable, yet firm and grippy enough to allow for a proper drive in the bench press.

The steel used is strong and the adjustable bar has no flex which is an important feature for those who do a lot of incline pressing.

Although overall the bench is built exceptionally well, there are a couple of areas that could use some improvement.

First off, and I know this is small, but the thin aluminum used for the Rep Fitness Logo is kind of lame. I'm not a huge fan of logos, but I do wish they would have put some more effort in making it more robust or simply stuck with a high-quality sticker.


The second thing I'm not a big fan of is the seat adjustability. The back adjusts easily and although not completely locked in, it's rather stable. The seat, on the other hand, locks in and is stable, but is very slow and difficult to change. Granted, it's gotten a little bit smoother with time but I do see an area for improvement there.

The final issue I have is nit-picky as well, but the wheels aren't all that great. For some, this is a non-issue, but if you're like me and are constantly moving equipment around, you want some heavy-duty equipment. Granted, the wheels do have bearings, I just wish they were a little larger. Due to the bench being built so stout, it is somewhat heavy and better wheels could help.



One of the great things about an adjustable bench like the Rep Fitness FID is how versatile they are. You can use them for just about any upper body movement you can think of.

  • Bench
  • Overhead Press
  • Shoulder Flys
  • Dumbbell Curls
  • Preach Curls
  • Incline Curls
  • Seated Hammer Curls

Basically, a lot of curls.

Also, for you Eric Spoto's out there, this bench can hold over 1,000 lbs. Now, I don't foresee any of my readers pushing that kind of weight on an incline bench, but then again I know Donny Thompson follows the site, so who knows.

The height of the bench is 17.5″ which is a great height for those like me that like to dig their feet into the ground during all pressing movements.


If you've been reading the site long enough, you know I like to get in, do work, and get out of the gym. There's no need to spend 3 hours working out in my opinion.

So, if a piece of equipment can make my training more efficient, I highly welcome it.

Due to the adjustment on the Rep Fitness FID Bench's back being so quick, there's no wasted time or effort. It also has 7 different positions so you can hit your pecs from all angles.

*Bonus* Rep Fitness Flat Bench Review

bench outside

Now, I must say, the Rep Fitness Adjustable Bench by and large exceeded my expectations.

Due to this, I was excited to get the opportunity to try out the Flat Bench from Rep Fitness as well.

The bench, by and large, is constructed very similarly to the Adjustable bench with one obvious caveat… it doesn't adjust.

Now, I also own the Rogue Fitness Flat Bench 2.0 which, to be completely honest, is the best flat bench I've ever used. That being said, like many things from Rogue, it's pricey.

The Flat Bench from Rep Fitness, although not as nice as the Rogue Bench 2.0, is much cheaper and gets the job done.

The foam on top as well as the synthetic leather is all the same as what is used on the Adjustable Bench.

It features bolt-together construction and although it's stable and grips the floor, the rubber grips on the end of the legs are constantly falling off. Other than the rubber grips, the flat bench is a solid, great-value bench.

Final Thoughts

I'm not going to trick anyone into thinking the Rep Fitness Benches are the best available because they're not.

And they don't really claim to be. Rather, the Rep FID Adjustable bench is the best VALUE bench available. Seriously, you won't find a better bench at this price point.

The Flat Bench is also a good value, although it really can't compete with the flat benches from Rogue.

Where to Purchase: Rep Fitness

Stay Strong, Live Long,


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