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Reebok Crossfit Speed GTX – The Ultimate Trail Shoe

The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games have begun and as always, there's loads of gear given to the athletes.

Although CrossFit Games athletes do have to pay to compete as well as pay for their flights and meals, etc, the swag bag they receive is pretty sick.

Let the Games Gear begin… #CrossFitGames 📷: @rob_forte

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If you look closely in the gear porn picture above, in the middle of the SEVEN (yes, seven pairs of shoes) you'll see what looks like a high-top pair of kicks.

Now, being the shoe-whore I am, I had to do some more digging. Although there is little information available on these bad boys, I was able to scoop up not only high-quality pictures but also in-depth information.

These are the Reebok CrossFit Speed GTX Shoes

Reebok CrossFit Speed GTX Long

Reebok has created many different shoes bearing the CrossFit name, some good, some REALLY BAD.

The newest CrossFit shoes released, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 are in my opinion one of the best training shoes around (click here to see my full review.)

Although the Nano 6.0 is great, the Reebok Speed TR is also a very well-regarded shoe, especially when there is a lot of running involved.

Although both of these shoes would be considered “good enough” for most types of training, there really isn't an optimal shoe in the Reebok CrossFit line for out on the trail. A shoe that would excel both on dry land, as well as in some water and less desirable conditions.

That was the case…until now.

What is the Reebok CrossFit Speed GTX designed for?

Reebok CrossFit Speed GTX 2

It's pretty clear to see from the pictures that this shoe is designed to get wet!

The Gore-Tex lining on the shoe allows athletes to run through ankle high water without their feet getting filled.

The outsole also has more pronounced lugs which prove it's designed to be used off-road.

The Reebok CrossFit Speed GTX is the ultimate trail shoe.

Here are the specs:

  • The top mesh fabric is reinforced material Kevlar®, for durability and ventilation
  • Unusually mild compression design and drop 3 mm between the heel and the toe for greater stability
  • StabilityZone RopePro and Technology for added durability
  • Insert KippingKlip TPU in the heel for extra support and an easier time with handstand push ups
  • The zigzag pattern of the sole protector ensures superior traction
  • Elastic Metasplit grooves for stability
  • GORE-TEX® technology for protection

Why was this shoe created?

CrossFit is everything. It's the unknown and unknowable.

Too often, CrossFitters are spending all of their time in the gym, rather than going outside and improving your fitness in real life tests.

This shoe is designed to be used in all conditions and there's no better place to introduce it than at the original home of The CrossFit Games…The Ranch in Aromas, Ca.

We're headed to the Ranch! Via: @thedavecastro #2016crossfitgames

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Photo Gallery:

Release date: TBA

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