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DIY Climbing Peg Board

There are so many options for creating Do-it-Yourself Equipment available today. It amazes me that more people don't take advantage of making their own equipment on their way to fitness dominance. The climbing pegboard is something that I didn't have a chance to use until I made it. The inspiration …

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Born Primitive Snatch Shorts Review

Born Primitive Snatch Shorts Many times after a volume intensive Olympic Lifting session my pubic bone will feel bruised. I'm certain I'm not alone in this as there is now a company who creates a pair of compression shorts with a flexible pad over the pubic area. This company is …

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Again Faster Home Pull-Up Bar Review

The Again Faster Home Pull-Up Bar A garage gym is not a gym without something to hang and pull-up on. The pull-up is just as essential, in my opinion, as a squat rack or barbell. There's many options out there for pull-up bars whether it mounted to the wall or …

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The Definitive Rogue Ohio Bar Review

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness There aren't many better all around barbells than the Rogue Ohio Bar. You can snatch with it, clean with it, squat with it, bench with it, row with it, basically any movement you can think of, the Rogue Ohio Bar will be a trusty companion. Is …

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DIY Crossover Symetry System Replica

This is not the Crossover Symmetry System, this is a replica, and in my opinion a pretty good one. The Crossover Symmetry System has been taking the CrossFit world by storm. I've always had problems with any overhead movements and saw this as something that may be helpful and it …

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DIY Slam Ball

The best training tools are often the most simple. The slamball is the epitome of a simple training tool that can completely wreck you. Unlike a barbell that requires maintenance and evenly distributed plates, and can't be thrown down, the slam ball is always ready to be picked up and …

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DIY Weightlifting Platform with Squat Stand Attached

A weightlifting platform is something that is not needed. It takes up a lot of space, is very heavy, and can be somewhat costly. However, if you are practicing the olympic lifts I say without a doubt that it is an essential piece to your garage gym. I see it …

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Rogue SML-2 Squat Stand Review

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness Rogue Fitness in my opinion is the premier garage gym equipment supplier. They have everything with top notch quality and service. I've seen so many stories of somebody complaining about something going wrong with their order or shipping and the owner Bill Henniger personally making things …

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Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar Review

The greatest barbell to ever grace the strength world is now in my garage. The Eleiko Olympic WL Bar is the bar I’m referring to. Sure, it’s debatable as to which bar exactly stands atop Mount Olympus as THE BAR. However, it is without a doubt one of the greatest …

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