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OSO Elite Barbell Collars Review

Oso Barbell Collars Review

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness

When you're in the middle of a metcon or doing multiple reps it's important that your weights stay on the bar.

At one time, the only collar you could find was the traditional metal spring clips.

Now, with the explosion of CrossFit and people putting gyms in their garage many companies are coming out with their own collars.

I've used many of these collars available and by far the best collars I have ever used, no question are these.

The OSO Elite Barebell Collars


oso barbell collars collars

Look at all the pretty colors!


Becky, look at those collars, they're like sooooo cool.

Oso Barbell collars belong in a museum more than they do a gym. Seriously, these look like a jewelers tool they're so precise and pretty.

Available in a myriad of colors, Oso has a collar that will suit everyone's wildest looking dreams.

The Elite collars different from the original Oso collars by having the outer edge shaved away showing the natural color of aluminum, which contrasts the anodized color really well.

Compared to any other collar on the market, the Oso collars blow them away. At first the Lockjaw collars such as Rogue HG collars were the coolest collars available. Now that Oso has released theirs, nothing else compares.



Here you can see the plastic tab in the unlocked position

There isn't a whole lot that goes into the collar and that's exactly as it should be. Simple technology is often the most effective.

The collar is made of aluminum and then anodized to give it the cool color such as the gold I have.

In order to allow the collar to wrap around the bar and stay tight, Oso has added a hard plastic tab that once the collar is placed on the bar, you press the lever to tighten the collar against the bar.

The only other part that is on the collar is on the inside, where a piece of rubber lines the collar to allow there to be a buffer between the bar and collar and to keep it from slipping.

The only thing I ever see breaking on these is the plastic tab. That being said, the only reason I think the tab would break is if the collars weren't properly taken care of, such as being thrown around and not placed in a good, safe place.

In Use

Have you ever had your arm wrapped by a Boa Constrictor?


Me either, but the hold that the Oso Collars have on the bar is similar to how I imagine a Boa Constrictor would wrap around somebody trying to suffocate them.

They simply do not move.

I've tried all I can dropping the bar from all sorts of weird angles and different weights and these collars simply do not budge. Even some of the other expensive collars like Proloc or Lockjaw will move eventually. Oso collars on the other hand just will not go anywhere.

This is especially helpful while in the middle of a metcon.

There's nothing worse than competing against someone and your collar and your weights begin to slip. With Oso collars, you won't have to worry about this because they are going nowhere.

When it comes to putting the collars on and taking them off, they are pretty easy. Because the collars are made to the exact size of the 2″ barbell sleeve they do take a little bit of pressure to make sure they're locked in, but in reality, it's not too tough.

One word of advice though is when you're releasing the plastic tab, make sure none of your fingers are on the other side. The plastic tab rips back hard and hand easily bruise your fingers.

Trust me, I've had it happen.

Final Thoughts


Like a Boa Constrictor

Although there may be a little bit of an initial sticker shock, Oso collars are well worth the money.

Whenever I buy something, I'm shooting to buy it once. I see no reason in buying a cheaper product and it breaking and then having to buy it multiple times.

If you're like me, and don't mind spending the money as long as what you're receiving in exchange for the dinero is worth it, than Oso collars are the barbell collars for you.

FYI, if I haven't convinced you yet, a recent workout I did involved over 50 clean and jerk singles and I didn't have to adjust the bar once. Boom!

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness

Train On,


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  • Steven

    What is the difference between the Oso Elite and Pro collars?

    • The way they look. They, for the most part, have all the same function.