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Nike Romaleos 3 First Look

Where to Buy: Nike.com or Rogue Fitness

I have something very special for you today.

I have scoured far and wide to find photos of the new Nike Romaleos 3 and through perseverance and too much knowledge on how to search through Google, I've found some.

Now, as you will see, the shoe is entirely black, most likely to hide as many features as possible as the shoe is still a ‘prototype.'

Thankfully the photos I found were high quality enough and with a little touch up, actually don't look too bad.

First Look- Nike Romaleos 3

*UPDATE* Nike Romaleos 3 Initial Colorways Leaked

Red and Black and Gray

black nike romaleos 3

Blue and gray


Nike Romaleos 3 New Features

So, first I'd like to talk about some of the new features I see.

New Strap


The main feature that sticks out to me is the removal of a strap.

On the Nike Romaleos 2 there are two straps used to keep the shoe tight. Nike has bucked this idea in favor of just one strap that is quite a bit thicker than the ones used in the past.


If you look closely, you can also see Flywire is used throughout the shoe and is most notably seen on the top two eyelets.

Personally, I greatly welcome the addition of Flywire as every shoe I've used from Nike that utilizes the technology fits like a glove. It really does add some extra tightness in a uniform manner around the foot.


The Heel is still plastic like the Nike Romaleos 1's and 2's, but does look somewhat different from the ones in the past, although it's a little hard to make out with the all black shoe.

I would guess that Nike will raise the heel some in accordance with other companies like Adidas did with the Leistung's and Reebok is doing with their new Legacy lifters.


The tongue appears to be the same as the one used in the ever popular Nike Metcon 2's. Rather than being cushioned like in the Romaleos 2, the new tongue is much slimmer and form-fitting allowing for a lighter shoe overall and a better fit.


The biggest complaint I hear from people who have worn the Romaleos 1's and 2's is how sweaty their feet can become.

It seems that Nike has heard these complaints and has added ventilation all along the shoe. This is a welcome change and should also make the shoe somewhat lighter.

Photo Gallery

Nike Romaleos 3 Both Shoes

Nike Romaleos 3 Inside

Nike Romaleos 3 Side


Videos of Nike Romaleos 3 in Action

Last workout with @norikvardanian and @jenny.arthur! Did a bunch of doubles between 110kg and 120kg really working on extending and foot position…. One of many things I have learned from @norikvardanian is you don't have to always lift heavy to get something out of your workout, it's the little things in weightlifting that make you a better athlete in the long run… I have seen Norik in 2 years probable miss a total of 10 snatches, and most of those misses were at or near maximum weight… Consistency is key and you can practice that with lighter weights and proper movement!! @juggernauttraining @ironrebel #pompswole #juggernautweightlifting #ironrebelpowergear #pintsandprs #usaweightlifting #einsteinofweightlifting

Henkilön Anthony Pomponio 85kg 🇺🇸🍻 (@arpomponio) jakama julkaisu

Final Thoughts

The Nike Romaleos 2's are some of, if not THE most popular weightlifting shoes currently on the planet.

AND, it's not just because they're made by Nike. They're also an extremely solid weightlifting shoe that also happens to come in tons of colors and look pretty good.

I'm really liking what I see so far of the shoe and can't wait to see what colors will be released or if they'll offer Nike ID (I bet they do.)

There is no leaked release date, planned colorways, or price yet, but as those come up, I will update you.

Where to Buy: Nike.com or Rogue Fitness

What do you think of the shoes so far? Will you pick them up when they're released? Answer in the comment section below!

Stay Strong, Live Long,


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  • Steven Pachan

    Hey dude,

    Sorry but that is actually the new reebok lifter.

    • Hi Steven, it’s actually not. Anthony is a Nike Sponsored Athlete and the swoosh can clearly be seen on the toe.

  • Pitts

    Any update on these? Release date?

    • None yet. As soon as there is something I will write an updated article. I’m guessing early 2017 for release.

  • Jonnnnes

    These are freaking lit!

  • bob

    ugly / yikes

    if it ain’tbroke don’t fix it

    stock up 2’s while u can 🙂

    • NikeFanatic

      They look a lot like the metcons, but the flywire is pretty sweet!

  • cramerid43

    Does anybody else think these look too much like Metcons? It’s like they just attached a lifted heel and called them Romaleos.

    Not sure they’ll have the durability.

    • Yeah, we won’t see about the durability for quite some time.

  • bob

    Makes sense I guess, it was surprising that an American company made the #1 weightlifting shoe for so long…. now they will take there rightful place at #2

  • John

    What are the bumper plates in the videos?