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Nike Metcon 2 Colors. Every Single One.

Nike Metcon 2 Colors

Nike has released the Nike Metcon 2. The Nike Metcon 1 was a huge hit and I've written extensively on the shoe in my Reebok Nano vs. Nike Metcon review that you can find here.

To see all of the Nike Metcon 1 colors available, click here.

As new colors are released, I will post them below. So far, these are the colors available.

I've also posted an unboxing video via the Garage Gym Reviews Youtube page that you can find here:


Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness

Nike Metcon 2 Blue

Nike Metcon 3 OG Batmans

Nike Metcon 2 red and yellow

Nike Metcon 2 gold and gray

Nike Metcon 2 lime green and gray

Nike Metcon 2 royal and white

Nike Metcon 2 Blue and gray






Nike Metcon 2 Volt Outside







Early Prototypes

Nike Metcon 2 Black Camo White Nike Metcon 2 Gray Camo Black Nike Metcon 2 Aqua Greeen and Blue Nike Metcon 2 Blue Orange and White

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness

Have you seen any other colors? Send them my way: garagegymreviews@gmail.com

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  • Richard S

    Metcon 2 colors. Every single one?

    I think you’re missing ten more men colorways for Metcon 2.

    • Richard, thanks for the comment!

      Do you mind pointing me in the direction of the other Metcon 2 colors? If you’re referring to the early ones with the camo sole, those were just prototypes and are not being released, at least not for a while. I’d love to see the others though.

  • Roger M

    I want EVERY PAIR!!!