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King Kong Bags Review

King Kong Bags Review

Where to Purchase: King Kong Apparel

Gym bags are a dime a dozen.

The market is simply saturated with bags to carry your crap from your home/work to the gym.

The problem is, the majority of gym bags available today absolutely suck. I don't mind saying it because it's true.

They're made of cheap materials so they rip. The straps detach from the main compartments. There's not enough pockets for all of the useless stuff we like to cram into our bags. Worst of all, most of them look like a 5 year old girl on who ate too many skittles designed them.

The type of bags I'm talking about look like these:

nike gym bag

We've all seen them, and the majority of us who are sane, hate them.

So, in my search for the premiere gym bag, I found King Kong. Having also been fed up with bags that BLOW, King Kong set out to take all of the things none of us like about gym bags and fix them. Did they accomplish this?

Let's find out… (You didn't actually expect me to tell you yes or no this early on did you?)


20151228_091307 (1)


That's about all I see when I look at the bag aside from a couple bright red logos.

If you've read any of my other reviews, you've probably noticed that I like understated colors the best. Which, is the exact reason I love the color and aesthetic of this bag.

The bag has the traditional rectangular design that you've seen for years and although it is rather big, for the majority of gym goers it will be the perfect size. Especially for those that like to take all of their gear with them everywhere they go. Like those guys that bring 5 lb jugs of protein with them to the gym. I never understood this, they make tupperware for a reason!

The red embroidered logos are few and perfectly placed.

The outside pockets make the bag look like you're packing rounds of ammunition, and who doesn't want to look like they're going to shoot up the place.

The shoulder strap features a similar embroidered logo as the one on the side of the bag that says “King Kong.” I really like that they decided to leave the words ‘apparel' or ‘bags' off of the bag. Just something small that I appreciate.

There are also no stickers to be found on the bag. Only embroidered logos. Much appreciated King Kong.



This bag is made to last.

It seems like King Kong took all of the stuff that goes wrong on bags and reinforced them.

For instance, the fabric that's used is 1000D Nylon that is up to military spec.

The seams are all double stitched so no worrying about your favorite pair of wrist wraps falling out the bottom of the bag.

The shoulder strap clasps are an all metal construction and are so tough in fact, King Kong says they're unbreakable. Daring.

The zippers are also all YKK brand and are fat and thick

The only piece of construction on the bag that I'm not a fan of is the velcro.

The pockets on the outside of the bag have flaps that are secured using velcro. I personally can't stand velcro as on many bags it is the only thing that wears out. If I had my way I would use snaps or magnets to secure the flaps down. Basically anything besides velcro.

The shoulder strap also utilizes velcro. Again, I am not a fan of velcro.

One reason that I think this bag needs to be so well built is because of it's size. Because it's pretty large, people are going to cram all sorts of things in them, and if the seams weren't double stitched and the shoulder clasps were plastic, things would break.

Overall, the construction on this bag is second to none excluding the velcro.

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This bad boy is LOADED with pockets.

There's a space for nearly everything you could think of.

The absolute best part of the bag, and the one that the majority of CrossFitters will love the most is the two shoe pockets on the end.


Individually zipped, you can put TWO PAIRS OF SHOES into the bag and still have a lot of room to spare.

The shoes can be any combination as well. Adipowers and Chucks. Romaleos and dress shoes. Nano 2.0's and your pink bunny slippers. You name it, you can make it happen.

There's also pockets on the front that are great for your jump rope, keys, or phone.

On the side is a mesh pocket that's great to hold things you want other people to know you have. Like your 18k Gold Apple Watch. On the inside of the opposite end of the bag, there is a mesh zipper pocket for even more storage:

20151228_091454 (1)

The possibilities for storage are limitless

Final Thoughts


There's a lot of gym bags available, but there's very few that offer the durability, looks, and storage options of the King Kong Bags.

If you like carrying your shoes around and want a bag that could outlive you then give King Kong a shot.

You won't be disappointed.

Where to Purchase: King Kong Apparel

Stay Strong, Live Long,


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