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JerkFit Nubs Thumb Sleeves Review

JerkFit Nubs Review

In CrossFit and Weightlifting tape is very important. It was a daily ritual for me.

I would brew my coffee, step into my garage, crank the metal ( m/ ), and tape my thumbs in preparation for the upcoming training session. I enjoyed the ritual, but hated having to go through so much tape, it reminded me of my hockey days. However, JerkFit has come up with an alternative for the ole' trusty cloth tape and it is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

What is it for?!?!

When doing a lot of repetitions in CrossFit or Weightlifting there is a technique for holding the bar called a hook grip. Anybody within CrossFit or Weightlifting knows and uses the hookgrip extensively. The problem with a hook grip is it destroys your thumbs–that is if they aren't wrapped in tape or now in the JerkFit nubs.



The JerkFit Nubs are made right here in the good ole' U.S of A  of a latex-free elastic material. They are stitched together and with some pulling go right onto your thumbs. I've been test driving them for about a month now and they hold up to the test.

In Use:

Everything else aside this is where a product makes or breaks it. Going in I was a little weary of trying these out. I felt that due to the thickness of the elastic material it would hinder my feel of the bar. Also, one reason tape works so well is it can be chalked up and dug into the knurling of a bar, in my mind, the Nubs would not.

However, I was wrong. In practice, the Nubs work the same way. The only con I found to the Nubs is they slide, but only a little bit. They remind me of knee sleeves. For the most part they stay on, but every once in a while you have to give them a tug, whether its a nervous reaction or they actually need it.

Hookgrip in Progress

Final Thoughts:

For the price, you honestly can't go wrong purchasing these. If you buy them and don't like them, just keep them in your gym bag as a back up for the day you run out of tape. But chances are you will find yourself using them more and more till finally, you stop using tape altogether, like I did.

Price: $9.95

Where to Purchase:



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