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How to Build a Powerlifting Home Gym

Powerlifting is built around three lifts – the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Therefore, a home gym designed for Powerlifting will require equipment that allows these three lifts to be performed, while also aiding in strengthening these lifts. These are the pieces of equipment we suggest to build the ultimate Powerlifting Home Gym.

Powerlifting has its roots in dimly lit garages where mythical tales of triumph and defeat were on display under the veil of heavy metal, chalk, and blood. Men mightier than mountains (in their own mind) have been built through home gyms since the beginning of the sport of Powerlifting, and whether you plan to compete or not, Powerlifting as a training regimen is highly effective. Although there are many who travel to gyms to train, these people will never experience the joy of stepping out your back door into a training facility enviable by even the best outfitted commercial gym.

If you want to start a home gym and have the ability to train the big three (squat, deadlift, and bench) as well as assistance work for the competition lifts, then you're going to need some heavy-duty equipment. Here are our suggestions for the best Powerlifting equipment for a home gym based on various budgets and needs.

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So you've got a basement, garage, or spare room that you want to convert into a home gym for Powerlifting? Congratulations, but now you have to figure out what to fill that space up with.

In order to have a Powerlifting home gym, you're going to need some solid basics, and if you'd like to add variety and help for assistance work, you're going to need a lot more equipment. Although there's a seemingly endless amount of equipment available for purchase, you could get away with a barbell, plates, squat rack, and flat bench.  That said, the more equipment you get, the more variety you can add to your training.

Whatever you choose, here is the best equipment based upon what we've used and liked, what others we've polled use, and what we often suggest to readers.

Strength Equipment

If you're outfitting a home gym, buy the best the first time.

If you're going to have a Powerlifting home gym, the most important part is basic strength training equipment. There's a never-ending amount of different pieces of equipment that will build strength through Powerlifting programming, but if you're lifting heavy poundage you're going to want equipment that can take the beating and poundage you're going to put on it.

We chose to include items that are most often used in Powerlifting programming as well as suggested by some of the top lifters and coaches in the world.

Best Squat Rack

Our Favorite Squat Rack

Rogue R-3 Power Rack

Rogue Fitness ($695)

The Squat Rack will be the most used piece of equipment in any Powerlifting gym. The amount of different types of work that can be performed in the rack is what's caused it to be so iconic and a staple not only in Powerlifting gyms, but any gym that's serious about increasing strength. For a Powerlifting home gym, you want a squat rack that can take the the weight you currently lift as well as what you want to in the future and keep on performing.

A rack designed for powerlifting should also have strong spotter pins or arms, band peg holes for dynamic work, and the ability to be used for both the squat and bench.

The Rogue R-3 Power Rack combines 2×3 steel tubing in a compact rack that will be stable (when bolted to the ground) for any movement or weight you can throw at it. Many people view the 3×3 steel tubing racks like the Rogue Monster Series as necessary for powerlifting, however, the Rogue R-3 Rack was designed based off of the racks Louie Simmons uses with his athletes at Westside Barbell. If the Rogue R-3 is stable and durable enough for one of the strongest gyms in the world, it's strong enough for you.

Rogue is known for outstanding attention to detail, and the R-3 Power Rack is a shining example of that. Everything from the welds to the powder-coat to even the spacing of the holes is well thought out. Going from squatting on the 1,000 lb plus rated J-Hooks to benching with the original Westside Hole Spacing that allows for dialing in the bench, there is not a better value squat rack available.After putting the Rogue R-3 Power Rack through thousands of workouts, there's no better choice for most people. You can upgrade to a thicker steel tubing, but it's not needed.

After putting the Rogue R-3 Power Rack through thousands of workouts, there's no better choice for most people. You can upgrade to a thicker steel tubing if you like the look, but it's not needed. What makes a stronger rack is not just the width of the tubing, although that helps, but also the gauge of the steel. The Infinity, Monster-Lite, and Monster lines of racks by Rogue Fitness all feature the same 11-gauge steel.

The R-3 Power Rack is also compatible with many of the accessories Rogue releases and due to the thinner steel tubing, they're also often cheaper than the Monster-Lite and Monster accessories. We reviewed the R-3 in-depth here if you're interested in more information.

If you want a less-expensive power rack, but would like pretty much the same functionality as our top pick, the Rogue R-3, we suggest the Titan T-3 Power Rack as the best budget power rack. Titan Fitness has taken all of the great features Rogue is known for and packages them in a less glamorous (worse powder-coating, fewer holes, fewer welds) and less expensive package.

Despite the lower price (especially when shipping is factored in) the Titan T-3 is an outstanding power rack capable of whatever weight you want to throw at it. We reviewed the Titan T-3 in depth, comparing it to the Rogue R-3 and although we preferred the R-3, the T-3 is a worthy contender for the budget conscious. The J-cups on the Titan T-3 have the same weight rating (1,000 lbs.) as the Rogue R-3 and also features the same spotter pins (although the tubing is a higher gauge on the T-3.)

One of the cool things about Titan is that they're constantly adding new accessories that mimic what Rogue is releasing. These include matador horns (dip handles) and plate storage (4 posts come standard with the rack.) It's also worth noting that their accessories are similar to their racks regarding pricing compared to Rogue Fitness.

If you're on a strict budget, the Titan T-3 will more than handle whatever squat, bench, rack deads, and any other heavyweight movements you want to throw at it.

The All Out Option

Rogue RM-6

Rogue Fitness ($1,850)

If money is no issue and you want one of the best racks around, the Rogue RM-6 is hard to beat. Featuring 3×3, 11 gauge uprights along with 1″ hardware, the Monster Series of racks makes the already massive Infinity Series Racks from Rogue look like toys.

The big benefits of the Monster Series versus the Infinity Series is the laser cut pin position numbers, upright size, hardware size, and customization options. The J-Cups of both the Infinity and Monster series are rated for the same 1,000 lbs static weight, and the gauge of the steel is the same (although the Monster Series used to feature 9 gauge.) But, the Rogue Monster Series can have just about everything from the color to the height customized.

The Monster Series is also the future of Rogue's focus and as such, they offer many more attachments for the Monster Series than they do the Infinity Series. If you want a stout rack that looks as good as it performs, check out the Rogue RM-6.

Best Bench Press

The Rogue Westside Bench 2.o is the premier training bench currently on the market. I say training bench, because although some federations will allow it to be used in competition, the IPF will not.

The Westside Bench takes many of the same features of our favorite squat rack, the Rogue R3 and makes it into a bench. For instance, the uprights are made of the same 2×3, 11 gauge tubing and features the same Westside Hole Spacing. The feet can be bolted to the floor (although it's definitely not needed) and the same j-cups and spotter pins that the R3 uses are employed by the Westside Bench. We've reviewed the bench in great detail on our YouTube channel here:

If you want a bench that can take anything you can throw at it, including accommodating resistance like bands and chains as well as all sorts of specialty bars, the Rogue Westside Bench 2.0 is the one to get. It's also compatible with the Rogue Thompson Fat Pad (your back will thank you.)

The Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0 is by far the best portable bench for most people. Not only is it cheap, but it's also insanely solid for how little space it takes up.

Featuring a standard bench height of 18″ and angled 2×3 legs and spine, the Rogue Flat Bench has taken everything we've thrown at it without any issues. Although the Thompson Fat Pad is our favorite bench pad, the pad on the Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0 provides a firm foundation with a grippy covering.

The Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0 is one of the few benches to employ angled legs which seems small, but provides increased stability in the same form factor. The frame of the bench is welded to make one piece, making it one of the most sturdy and durable flat benches in the industry.

The Rep Fitness Flat Bench packs a punch at a very affordable price. We've used the Rep Fitness Flat Bench for quite a while and although we prefer our other picks, for the price, it's hard to beat.

The Flat Bench from Rep Fitness, although not as nice as the Rogue Bench 2.0, is much cheaper and gets the job done. The foam on top as well as the synthetic leather is decent and provides a good platform to push from.

It features a bolt-together construction and although it's stable and grips the floor, the rubber grips on the end will fall off rather easily. Other than the rubber grips, the flat bench is a solid, great-value bench for someone who doesn't want to spend a bit more for the Rogue Bench.

Best Deadlift Platform

Our Favorite Deadlift Platform

Rogue Deadlift Platform

Rogue Fitness ($725)

Although most people could get by just fine making their own deadlift platform, if you'd like to buy a pre-made version that includes band pegs, the Rogue Deadlift Platform is not only your best option, it's one of your only options.

We've had the Rogue Deadlift Platform for about 6 months now and although we enjoyed our DIY Platform, the Rogue Deadlift Platform along with the band pegs is hard to beat. It not only has a professional look that matches the rest of our equipment, but it's also very functional. If you do any sort of band work, this platform makes it easy and it looks just as good as it performs.

As with anything made by Rogue, the Deadlift Platform is customizable, although we would suggest purchasing plywood and stall mats to cut down the cost of buying rubber mats.

Budget Deadlift Platform

DIY Platform

Creating your own deadlift platform is really quite easy.

It's a great addition to any garage gym, but I would say if you aren't worried about noise and don't plan to use band pegs, then I would just do deadlifts on stall mats. Many people are worried about cracking their foundation without a platform, but the amount of weight that would have to be dropped from overhead to affect most foundations is much more than you think.

That said, the deadlift platform not only performs well, it looks cool in your gym.

Best FID Bench

The Rogue AB-3 Adjustable Bench is our pick for the best FID Bench if money is no object. The reason is pretty simple, Rogue bought out Nebula who were previously creating the best FID Bench and slapped a Rogue logo on it. This bench is expensive, no question about it, but if money wasn't an issue, this is the bench you could have for the rest of your life and then pass down to your kids.

Picture by Brandon Campbell Diamond

The AB-3 is the only decline bench Rogue offers and among the companies producing equipment for home gyms, it's by far the best available. The AB-3 features the same pad and covering as the Flat Utility Bench, but has the ability to incline as well as detatchable foot rollers for decline work as well as crunches.

The AB-3 Adjustable Bench is the FID Bench to get if money is no object, however, for most people, we would suggest spending this kind of money on other equipment.

Best Budget FID Bench

Rep Fitness FID Bench

Amazon ($299)

The Rep Fitness FID Adjustable Bench is the best value FID Bench available. We reviewed it in detail in the past and are still as impressed as we were when we initially wrote our review. The Rep FID Bench is constructed through both welded and bolt-together methods. It ships mostly assembled and is very easy to put together.

The top is some sort of synthetic leather which I'm not a huge fan of, but for the price, it's to be expected. The bench padding is comfortable, yet firm and grippy enough to allow for a proper drive in the bench press.The steel used is strong and the adjustable bar has no flex which is an important feature for those who do a lot of incline pressing to improve their flat bench.

If you want an FID Bench, but don't want to spend a lot, this is your best option.

Best Lat Pulldown

Our Favorite Lat Pulldown

XMark Lat Pulldown

Amazon ($570)

The XMark Lat Pulldown isn't the best lat pulldown available, but most home gyms don't need a $3,000 behemoth like the one Rogue sells (although I have heard there's a possibility of them coming out with a plate-loaded economical lat pulldown.)

The X-Mark Lat Pulldown has taken many of the same things that other cheaper lat pulldowns have, beefed up some of the components, and added a low row handle. Although it will certainly not be as solid as some of the more expensive pulldowns, it will hold up to just about any weight you'll be able to lift (400 pounds weight limit) and do so pretty smoothly.

The frame of the X-Mark Lat Pulldown is made of 11 gauge steel, the same gauge that the majority of power racks are made of as well. Because of this, it's also pretty heavy, which is something you want as it will lead to less rocking when you decide to perform your pulldowns like Branch Warren.

Best Reverse Hyper

Our Favorite Reverse Hyper

Rogue RH-2 Reverse Hyper

Rogue Fitness ($795)

The Reverse Hyper is one of the best pieces of strength training equipment in any gym. Sure, it won't have the same strength impact that a squat rack will have, however, the Reverse Hyper can allow to be in the squat rack more and for a longer period of time.

The best Reverse Hyper currently on the market is the Rogue Fitness RH-2 Reverse Hyper. Yes, there are Reverse Hypers with more features like a tilt top, pendulum, and rollers. But for the price, the RH-2 Reverse Hyper is the best value currently available.

We've had the RH-2 Reverse Hyper in our gym for over a year and it still looks and performs like it did on day one. Not only will the reverse hyper strengthen your posterior chain, it will also traction your spine; something every powerlifter who's constantly compressing their spine could benefit from.

The Rogue RH-2 Reverse Hyper features 2×3 steel tubing with a partially bolt together construction and a heavy-duty vinyl and foam top. If you want a Reverse Hyper that can take whatever you can throw at it at the best price available, the Rogue RH-2 Reverse Hyper is your best bet.

Best GHD

The Glute-Ham Developer (GHD) should be a staple in any Powerlifting Gym. Although CrossFit has taken it and used it primarily for sit-ups, the GHD is much more versatile whether it's being used for glute ham raises or back extensions.

The Rogue Fitness Abram 2.0 is the best GHD currently available for most people. There are other GHD's with different adjustments and bases, but they are much more expensive. The Rogue Abram 2.0 GHD features the same heavy-duty construction Rogue is known for along with easy adjustments and a price that is much less than comparable models.

We've used the Rogue Fitness Abram 2.o in our gym for over a year and have had no issues with the padding ripping, instability of the frame, or foam compression. When working with different sized training partners, we were able to easily make adjustments and keep on training.

If you want a premium GHD at a price that is much less than similar options from competitors, than the Rogue GHD 2.0 is the one we'd recommend.

The Titan Fitness GHD is essentially an economy version of the Rogue Abram 2.0 GHD. The Titan Fitness GHD features a similar appearance along with the same adjustment capabilities at a much cheaper price.

Although the Titan Fitness GHD looks very similar to the Rogue Abram 2.o GHD, they are a bit different. The Titan Fitness GHD features inferior powdercoating, welds, pads and rollers. However, if you want a GHD that simply gets the job done, this is a pretty good option. The pads compress a bit more than we like and the covering likely won't hold up to a lot of usage, but the adjustments are great and thanks to its weight (~30 lbs less than Rogue) it doesn't rock too much.

In typical Titan Fitness fashion, they have taken a Rogue design and made it cheaper, yet still quite effective. If you're on a budget and need a GHD, this is the one we'd recommend and wouldn't suggest spending less on a GHD.

Bars and Weights

If you're going to have a Powerlifting home gym, you're going to at the very least need a barbell and plates. At the most, you'll have every specialty bar, calibrated plates, specialized dumbbells and more. One of the great things about a home gym is that you get to decide what equipment you want to use. If you want every specialty bar available, you can make it happen so long as your budget (and spouse) allow it.

More than any other area, barbells is a place where you want to buy quality. There are now more options than ever, however, the old adage, “you get what you pay for” still remains in this area. That said, you can get higher quality barbells at lower prices than at any time ever before. When it comes to strength training equipment, we truly live in a great time.

As you'll see, there are an insane amount of options for barbells, specialty bars, and plates. One might think these are all required in order achieve a large total, however, there have been many who achieved world-class strength with nothing more than a barbell. Specialty bars can help increase strength in different areas while also adding variety to your training to keep it from becoming stale, but they're not required.

After using many of the top options available, these are our suggestions.

Best Power Bar

The Rogue Ohio Power Bar is our pick for the best powerlifting barbell for most people. Rogue has taken this already outstanding bar and exchanged the zinc coated shaft with stainless steel creating a barbell that doesn't have much that could be improved.

The Rogue OPB features 205K PSI tensile strength steel, bronze bushings, various finishes to choose from (including our favorite, stainless steel) as well one of the best knurls in the industry. For the price, there is not a better barbell for powerlifting on the market and there aren't many at higher price-points that could compete either.

If you want an outstanding barbell, from a company with a lifetime warranty, then the Rogue Ohio Power Bar is our recommendation. itsto it's already low price, we don't recommend a lower priced bar for powerlifting.

Check out our in-depth review of the Rogue Ohio Power Bar here.

Best Deadlift Bar

Although we shouldn't be, we we're surprised that the Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar outperformed the other two favorites, the Okie and Texas Deadlift Bars.

The Okie and Texas Deadlift Bars have been around for ages and used by pretty much every powerlifting federation (sans the IPF.) We reviewed the Okie Deadlift Bar in detail and although enjoyed that it has an iconic nature, it really hasn't progressed much since it's creation by Rickey Dale Crain. The same can be said for the Texas Deadlift Bar.

Rogue is one of the few companies currently making deadlift bars that are up to modern standards including the tensile strength, knurl, and warranties consumers now view as requirements.

The Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar features the standard 27mm diameter steel shaft with an ultra agressive knurl and no center knurl. This bar is slinky, which is exactly what you want out of a deadlift bar. The bar features bronze bushings that provide a reliable spin, and also comes with Rogues legendary warranty.

If you're looking for a barbell specifically for deadlifting, this is the one we recommend.

Best Multi-Grip Bar

Our Favorite Multi-Grip Bar

T-Grip Barbell

American barbell ($450+)

Although there are many multi-grip bars available, our favorite is the T-Grip Barbell.

The T-Grip Barbell is one of the most expensive multi-grip bars, however, it's also the best. Featuring the most heavy-duty construction we've seen in a multi-grip bar (it's built just like a barbell.) It also has the option for the same olympic sleeves used in one of our favorite power bars, the American Barbell Mammoth Bar.

Although the construction of the T-Grip Barbell is some of the best we've seen in a multi-grip bar, what really sets it apart is the cutout in the middle. If you've ever used a traditional multi-grip bar, you understand it can pretty much only be used for flat pressing. The T-Grip Bar allows you to use it for overhead pressing, curls, as well as rows. It's the most versatile multi-grip bar we've found and because of that, it's our top pick.

Another awesome feature besides the Olympic sleeves is the knurled handles. Many multi-grip bars (practically all of EliteFTS offerings) come with smooth handles. Although this is fine for bench, if you want to use the bar for anything other than benching it's somewhat useless.

Check out our full review of the T-Grip Barbell here.

Best Budget Multi-Grip Bar

Titan MultiGrip

Titan Fitness ($95)

The Titan Fitness Multigrip Barbell is Titan's version of the Rogue Fitness MG-3 Multi Grip Bar. Outside of the T-Bar, the MG-3 from Rogue Fitness is our favorite multi-grip bar. However, the Titan Multigrip Barbell is very similar (the same exact listed weight) at over half the price (and free shipping!)

The Titan Fitness Multigrip Barbell features three different handle options including angled handles in the center. Although these types of bars are bulky, for bench pressing, they couldn't be better thanks to their rackable ability.

The Titan Multigrip Barbell also comes with knurled handles, although expect it to be a very light knurl. If you want a multi-grip bar for some accessory work, then we suggest the Rogue MG-3. However, if you want a budget version, then check out the Titan Multigrip Barbell.

Best Safety Squat Bar

Our Favorite Safety Squat Bar

EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar

EliteFTS ($389)

The EliteFTS SS Yoke is the best safety squat bar currently available. We've used just about every safety squat bar from Rogue's to Crepinsek (good luck finding one that doesn't have ripped padding.) The only one we haven't used yet, and plan to soon is the Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar.

Out of all the specialty bars EliteFTS offers, the SS Yoke is their best offering. Dave Tate went back to the drawing board after complaints of their first safety squat bar and completely reworked it. Everything from the camber to the padding is top-notch, the only thing we dislike is the clear powdercoat. Although we prefer the clear to black, a company needs to come out with a bar that doesn't use powdercoat. Kabuki Strength seems to have done this, but we haven't used it so we don't want to comment on it yet.

One of the standout features of the EliteFTS SS Yoke is the removable handles that can be exchanged for longer handles or kept off for other movements.

There are many safety squat bars available, but currently, the only one we would recommend is the EliteFTS SS Yoke. We also suggest staying away from cheaper, import options as they are not only cheaply made, but also potentially dangerous.

Best Buffalo Bar

Our Favorite Buffalo Bar

Duffalo Bar

Kabuki Strength ($599+)

The Duffalo Bar from Kabuki Strength is the best buffalo bar and one of the best specialty bars on the market. There are few items on this list that we will definitively say is the best, but this is one of them and there are few comparison.

Chris Duffin is a unique individual. Not only does he have decades of experience as an engineer, he's also one of the strongest humans beings currently walking the planet. Thankfully, he's combined his two passions and begun making some of the most well thought out strength training equipment ever brought to market.

The Duffalo Bar is a shining example of what happens when someone decides to forgo conventional thinking and create something that is the absolute best. The Duffalo Bar features 195K PSI tensile strength steel and an aggressive knurl. The sleeves are much longer than usual (it's not a competition barbell) and spin on oil impregnated bronze bushings.

There are many finish options available including a bare steel bar (which will rust very quickly.) Our favorite is the Electroless Nickel as it will have the best oxidation resistance.

Although we could go on an absolute rant on this bar, we'd rather not (again) and you can simply check out our full review here.

Best Camber Bar

The EliteFTS Cambered Squat Bar is our favorite Camber Bar. To be honest, this one and Rogues Camber Bar are pretty much the exact same, except for the knurling that is included on the EliteFTS model. Due to the knurling and the fact that Rogue's never goes on sale and EliteFTS sometimes does, we suggest the EliteFTS Cambered Bar (that said, just get whichever one is currently cheaper.)

These bars are great because they can fit in any standard power rack unlike camber bars of old that could only rest in monolifts. This means you can squat, bench, and do good mornings as well as other movement with the bar in your standard rack.

The EliteFTS Camber Bar weighs in around 75 pounds and has the popular EliteFTS rough powder coating. If you want a camber bar, this is the one to get.

Best weight plates

For powerlifting, bumper plates aren't really necessary and neither are calibrated plates. That said, if you're going to buy plates new, in our opinion you should spend a little bit more and get plates that not only look better and are more accurate, but will also have a higher resale value should you want to upgrade them later on.

The Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates are the best value calibrated plates currently available. Before Rogue released their calibrated plates, the options were quality, but also very expensive. Companies like Ivanko and Eleiko have been making calibrated plates for years, but the idea of someone using them in their home gym isn't possible for most people.

Now, however, Rogue offers calibrated plates with accuracy that is within 10 grams of the stated weight. They're also extremely thin that allows for upwards of 1,500 lbs loading capacity on a barbell. One pet peeve of the plates is they do tend to get scuffed and scratched rather easy, however, for the price they can't be beat.

If you want calibrated plates, you can spend as much as you want, but if you want a good value, the Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates are our suggestion.

Best Budget Weight Plates

Cap Barbell Plates

Amazon ($10+)

If you're not going to buy calibrated plates, then, in reality, you should probably check out Craigslist. However, if you want new plates, we suggest going cheap with the Cap Barbell Black Olympic Weight Plates.

The Cap Barbell Plates are exactly what you'd find in most gyms across the countryl These are made of solid cast iron overseas and are neither accurate or high quality, but they get the job done. For most people, this is really the best bet for going new as you can stock up on a lot of weight (including 100 lb. plates) at a price around $1/pound with free shipping.

Don't expect the finish to be smooth or the color to all be the same shade between all your plates, but do expect them to be somewhat close to the stated weight at a low price.

Best Dumbbells

Unless you're looking to spend an ungodly amount of money on dumbbells, most of your options are going to come from the same chinese manufacturers. The dumbbells most often seen in home gyms are the standard hex dumbbells and due to the quality and longevity, we suggest getting rubber coated hex dumbbells (they actually don't cost much more either.

The rubber hex dumbbells sold by Rogue Fitness are the same as the ones sold by just about everyone else. Currently, the best price on rubber-coated hex dumbbells is from Titan Fitness. These are good dumbbells that are pretty close to their stated weight, have a decent knurl, and are the best price on the internet (especially considering they ship for free!)

Titan Fitness is owned by a large distributing company and as such receive huge discounts on shipping which in turn leads to savings for you. These Titan Fitness Dumbbells are a great option at a great price.

If you're looking for dumbbells above 100 lbs, specifically up to 150 lbs, then we suggest the York Legacy Dumbbells. We've had and tested the York Legacy Dumbbells for sometime and although they're not perfect, they get the job done.

Expect an inconsistent paint job as well as knurl, however, the stated weight is actually pretty close to the actual weight. Also, the new Legacy Dumbbells feature an updated fishtail connection system. What this means is the heads are unlikely to break off like the original design has been known to do.

The York Legacy Dumbbells also have an awesome, old school look that no other dumbbell can really compare to. One thing we suggest is for people who want a nicer dumbbell, purchase a 5-100 lb set in our top pick, and then the weights above that (that will get used less) go with the Legacy Dumbbells. These can also be had at different times of the year on a major discount, just keep your eye out.

Best Barbell Collars

Our Favorite Barbell Collars

OSO Titan Collars

Rogue Fitness ($53)

The Titan Metal Collars are not only the best collars OSO Barbell Collars produces, but also the best collars currently on the market. We have yet to find a pair of collars that hold weight on as well, or are as easy to use as the OSO Collars, which makes them perfect for Powerlifting.

The Metal Titan Collars are OSO's latest invention and feature rubberized interior plugs that grip the bar and prevent it from slipping, a longer handle that provides more leverage for tightening while on the barbell, as well as a frame made of 6061 Billet Aluminum that is tougher than any collars we've used. The OSO Titan Collars also happen to look pretty great with a wide-range of colors available.

Barbell collars is not an area that you should skimp on. If you buy a good pair of collars, they should outlast you and keep you from getting hurt from plates flying off the bar. The OSO Titan Metal Collars are our pick for the best barbell collars available.

Best Budget Collars

Proloc Collars

Amazon ($10+)

The Proloc Collars don't hold the weight on as well as our top pick, but they're also cheaper and very easy to use.

Instead of having to flip a lever, you twist the top. Does it make a difference, not really, but for some reason the Proloc's are fun to use. The Proloc Collars are made in America of 1.5″ thick nylon that should be indestructible and thanks to the bright colors are easily visible.

We prefer the OSO collars, but are still fans of the collars from Proloc. They also come with optional magnetics that keep the collars stuck to the plates and allow you to store them on your squat rack.

Best Prowler Sled

Our Favorite Prowler Sled

Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

Rogue Fitness ($265)

The Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 is our pick for the best sled for Powerlifting. After using the Rogue Dog Sled for various workouts such as sprints, drags, pulls, and pushes over the course of a year, we are confident in recommending the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 for those wanting a versatile sled for additional conditioning for powerlifters

The Rogue Dog Sled is the standard by which all other sleds are measured. We're fans of the EliteFTS Prowler Sled that was once very popular with powerlifters, but the Dog Sled takes up less space, has more attachment options, and is cheaper.

The Rogue Dog Sled is compact, heavy-duty, and highly versatile for any sort of workouts you can throw at it. Although we've reviewed many different sleds and prefer ones that are on wheels due to how quiet they are, for someone training for Powerlifting, the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 is the most versatile option.

Featuring two removable posts, signature Rogue black powder-coating, many different attachments, and heavy-gauge steel runners, the Rogue Dog Sled is one of the best available. There are nearly ten different additional attachments available for customizing the Dog Sled for a seemingly endless amount of use, all sure to have you on the side of the road crying. Trust us, we've done it.

Best Budget Sled

Rogue Slice Sled

Rogue ($175)

The Rogue Slice Sled is a very versatile, highly compact sled at a great price; for these reasons it's our budget pick.

Our top pick is a rather large and heavy sled that is best suited for being pushed. Although you can drag it, it will be less than optimal as the starting weight is high and it's fairly large. The Slice Sled was Rogues answer to a sled that can be used both for drags and sprints. Meaning whether you're looking to use the sled for HIIT conditioning or power walking around the block ala Louie Simmons style, this sled will work.

The Slice Sled features the signature Rogue powder-coat with two removable handles (the same ones as our top pick) as well as an included sled strap and carabiner.

For you home gym owners, storing the Slice Sled is one of it's best benefits as it utilizes the same foldable post as seen on the Rogue E Sled. If you're looking for a smaller profile sled and are on a budget, the Rogue Slice Sled is our suggestion.

DIY Equipment

No matter how much you may want to buy all of your equipment, the fact of the matter is many will either have to do without, or go the route of building things yourself. Although equipment manufactured out of steel will often last longer, building equipment with your own hands is not only enjoyable, but very cost-effective as well.

Here are a few different tutorials we have on the site to help you build your dream powerlifting home gym.

DIY Squat Rack

Although we'd recommend purchasing a rack, it is possible to build one out of wood from your local big box store.

This DIY Squat Rack Guide has all of the details to build your own squat rack in a cost-effective manner and should be able to hold the weight that most can lift.

DIY Deadlift Platform

A deadlift platform is definitely something we recommend. Although we personally use and are big fans of the Rogue Deadlift Platform, it's very much unnecessary for most people.

Create your own deadlift platform simply and cheaply using our instructions.

DIY Reverse Hyper

The Reverse Hyper is one of the most coveted pieces of gym equipment for anyone building a Powerlifting Home Gym. Unfortunately, due to the patent Louie Simmons holds on the machine, only a few companies make them and they are expensive.

Although our DIY Reverse Hyper won't have the durability of a commercial unit, we've had many people tell us it performs well and at less than $100, you can't ask for much more.

If you can't afford a Reverse Hyper, then we suggest building this one.

Home Gym Inspiration

Thankfully, you won't be the first person to build a Powerlifting Home Gym. There have been many that have gone before you to create epic setups to give you inspiration and guidance. Here are a few of our favorite Powerlifting-focused home gyms.

Brandon Lilly

Brandon Lilly is a world-record breaking Powerlifter that has set-up an incredible Garage Gym using mostly Sorinex Equipment.

Bart Kwan

Bart Kwan is the owner of Barbell Brigade and has setup a powerlifting gym to allow hime to train while at home with his newborn. Home Gyms are designed to allow you to focus on what matters to you most, and Bart shows that perfectly.

Brandon Campbell Diamond

Brandong Campbell Diamond is a YouTube Star with an awesome Powerlifting Setup in his basement. He's producing some awesome content, check him out here.

Liam Connolly

Liam Connolly is a Youtuber and guy who likes posting his setup on Instagram to make everyone jealous. It's one of our favorite setups.


Jon Call, also known by his internet name, ‘Jujimufu' is a great human with a beautiful and gigantic Garage Gym. When he's not responding to his millions of fans sliding into his DM's, he can be found flipping upside down.

Jonathan Harder

Jonathan is a world-class powerlifter with a world-class home gym. He has pretty much anything you could ever imagine all tucked nicely into his basement.

Powerlifting is built around three lifts - the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Therefore, a home gym designed for Powerlifting will require equipment that allows these three lifts to be performed, while also aiding in strengthening these lifts. These are the pieces of equipment we suggest to build the ultimate Powerlifting Home Gym. Powerlifting has its roots in dimly lit garages where mythical tales of triumph and defeat were on display under the veil of heavy metal, chalk, and blood. Men mightier than mountains (in their own mind) have been built through home gyms since the beginning of the sport…

Best Powerlifting Equipment

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